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The survey revealed that most writers and poets were happy to plod along by trial and error rather than investing in a decent course. They accordingly fail to reaprepparttar rewards that are there forrepparttar 129328 taking.

They remain amateur writers and poets whilst their professional colleagues cream offrepparttar 129329 best paid writing markets.

The survey compared writers and poets to other professions. Lawyers, Accountants, Doctors, etc., are all highly paid. They all undergo training beforerepparttar 129330 rewards are forthcoming. Yet, most writers and poets believe thatrepparttar 129331 riches will come to them without spending $1 on training or developing skills.

One per cent. of writers or poets may get lucky. They may have been "born writers or poets" - they succeed without any training. The rest slog away - hoping that one day they may make some money from writing.

The good news

The good news is that there are 1000s of paid writing markets that are waiting to be exploited. There are more assignments than writers or poets.

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The Internet Has Made Millionaires. Can It Make You, The Creative Writer?

Written by Georgina Stath

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You lose by receiving rejection letter upon rejection letter. Rejection plays negatively at your emotions. You begin questioning your choice.

Onrepparttar other hand, when you haverepparttar 129327 opportunity to unleash your creativity, you write what you want and make a living from it. Knowing you will make it, because it is all in your hands, you find that your passion for writing reaches heights never before experienced. You find that your writing becomes much better. You grow as a person. Your life becomes so much better.

Listen. It’s not all aboutrepparttar 129328 money. You can really make a comfortable income onrepparttar 129329 internet but by farrepparttar 129330 biggest benefit is that you can become repparttar 129331 writer you want to be. There are no markets, no limitations, no one to tell you what is best for you. You know this very well.

You can sell your own fiction yourself. If you want to make it as a writer, this is by farrepparttar 129332 easiest, quickest and more profitable option.

Georgina Stath is a creative writer who took matters into her own hands. She runs her own business. She writes what she wants. She keeps all the profits. You can do it too. Just change your mind. Join the ‘Entrepreneur Creative Writer’s Course To Success.’ It’s free and highly informative. Send a blank email to

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