Freedom on the Internet

Written by Jesse S. Somer

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Look, I don't want to come across as judgmental but it is a known fact that many aspects of human society across all cultures have problems with their ethics and moral codes. I am just using China as an example because I am a great believer inrepparttar uniting, egalitarian power ofrepparttar 144909 Internet. I have this strange feeling in my stomach that eventually oppressive ideologies will have to topple and fall as people become more informed about life's possibilities, and more connected torepparttar 144910 true oneness ofrepparttar 144911 world. Ironically, I believerepparttar 144912 Internet isrepparttar 144913 means for all this to become a reality.

Another incredible part of this site is allrepparttar 144914 information relating to reporters andrepparttar 144915 plights and ordeals they go through when attempting to sharerepparttar 144916 truth, even losing their lives inrepparttar 144917 process. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, particularly its blogging section is another site that is dedicated to freedom of speech for all people who want to express themselves onrepparttar 144918 Internet. Or check outrepparttar 144919 World Association of Newspapers who has a different perspective on current events, as they focus on what happens torepparttar 144920 news bringers themselves.

Are you a believer that one-dayrepparttar 144921 world can come together as one? If you are, speak your mind;repparttar 144922 Internet is a great place to share your point of view. Let everyone know how you feel about this situation. I have a Chinese friend who says that controlling 1.4 billion people isn't as easy as you might think and thatrepparttar 144923 current system is functioning OK. OK is OK but I think it's about time humanity started to use a larger percentage of these huge brains we have. The first step is making sure that everyone gets their fair say, without fear of being pushed around by those few who often abuserepparttar 144924 power they have been given.

Jesse S. Somer M6.Net Jesse S. Somer has unwittingly become a cyber dissident by writing this article.

Telephone Conferencing - Evolution in the Web

Written by Diane Parker

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Web conferencing applications have now reached a sophisticated level. Going beyondrepparttar brief of providing a virtual meeting place, some applications now provide fully interactive capabilities, document and file sharing andrepparttar 144788 ability to communicate with not just one, but hundreds of participants atrepparttar 144789 same time.

Where Does The Future Lie?

Of course, refinement of web conferencing applications is ongoing. As a relatively new phenomenon, there is plenty scope for developers to enhance and improve their software packages. The needs of businesses are constantly changing andrepparttar 144790 shift in trend towards home rather than office-based employment will place a higher demand still for virtual meeting facilities.

It is hard to predictrepparttar 144791 future of web conferencing. There are so many avenues this exciting technology could explore. The popularity of mobile technology - cell phones, laptops and hand-held computers, for example - providerepparttar 144792 software developers with new challenges. An increasingly mobile workforce demands software that will work for them rather than them having to work roundrepparttar 144793 technology.

The web conferencing market place is become increasingly competitive and providers will have to stay ahead ofrepparttar 144794 game in order to survive. As it increases in popularity as a means of communication, users will become more demanding in terms ofrepparttar 144795 sophistication ofrepparttar 144796 software they are using. With so many routes web conferencing technology can take it will be interesting to seerepparttar 144797 diverse range of software solutions on hand to solverepparttar 144798 communication problems ofrepparttar 144799 global business community ofrepparttar 144800 future.

Diane Parker is a web content writer who specializes in internet related topics. Her conferencing articles include: web conferencing software, choosing a web conferencing tool and internet conferencing.

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