Freedom on Juneteenth - What have we forgotten...

Written by Daviyd Peterson

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Texas emancipation law is that - an actual law on a physical piece of paper, that needs to be read and remembered. Emancipation in Texas was not taken lightly 140 years ago, we must also remember and try to imagine what it was like to hearrepparttar emancipation proclamation summary. Imagine what it was like standing there with half your strength already gone from working all morning (read 4 a.m. until), what it was like to have whip marks on or backs that itched or ached even if they had already healed from years ago.

Imagine standing there barefoot and barely clothed in rags to hear - you are FREE. In your Juneteenth celebrations, remember to celebrate everything - you are FREE.

African american slavery is a crime punishable by law. Juneteenth day from now on has to empahasize, remember to celebrate everything - you are FREE.

The plight of african american people has a solution - FREEDOM. Remember to celebrate everything.

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Bedroom Furniture

Written by Matthew Anthony

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When shopping for new bedroom furniture, you will also need to be aware that there are very different types of furniture and beds. For example, you can get a standard bed or you might think about purchasing a water bed. Today, adjustable comfort level beds are also very popular and a wise choice if you have a sleep partner who prefers a different firmness level than you.

If you happen to be shopping for childrens bedroom furniture, today there are many different styles and designs onrepparttar market that will actually change to accommodaterepparttar 144726 growing needs of your child. These styles often start out as cribs that will convert to toddler beds and beyond. The bed that your child sleeps in as a baby can now berepparttar 144727 same bed that they sleep in when they go off to college. While these styles are more expensive, they are definitely a good investment when considered overrepparttar 144728 duration.

Regardless ofrepparttar 144729 type and style of bedroom furniture that you ultimately decide to purchase itís a good idea to take your time when shopping. Making a hasty decision when purchasing bedroom furniture often leads to regrets later, as well as many poor nights of sleep.

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