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Written by Stephen Hill

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The things I was not happy with was: My weight, this can be changed. Being overweight was mainly my fault, my diet and lack of exercise.

I had a bald patch on my head, this is something which I believed could not be changed, therefore I had to accept it.

I am quite short for a male, this is something which I am unable to change.

I had a severe stutter, this was something which after a lot of hard work I managed to overcome.

Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill is from Birmingham. He has a couple of websites at and http:

Stephen Hill is from Birmingham. He has a couple of websites at and http:

Rewards Of Speed Reading

Written by Adnic Lee

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Take for example : Have you ever come across someone who drank too much last night before commentrepparttar morning after that he/she cannot recall what was said, heard and seen?

It is not that he/she cannot remember, but that his/her mind was not inrepparttar 148721 condition to be impressed with what he heard or saw.

Why isrepparttar 148722 mind inclined to wander ever so often?

There more than a dozen reasons and causes. Howeverrepparttar 148723 main and most common culprit being -- Boredom

This boredom will alway creeps intorepparttar 148724 slow and poorly motivated reader mind and divertrepparttar 148725 reader attention elsewhere.

Furthermore slow reading hinders our natural ability to grasprepparttar 148726 concept of what is being expounded.

It can be quite exceedingly frustrating to fervently fitrepparttar 148727 bits and pieces from yesterday's reading,repparttar 148728 day before and perhaps a few weeks ago.

Imagine that you are now reading a long detective novel and your contront a minor character, Uncle John, inrepparttar 148729 first chapter. Uncle John doesn't re-appear untilrepparttar 148730 final chapter which you read several days later. To add to your frustration, you discover that Uncle John holds an important key to solverepparttar 148731 crime and atrepparttar 148732 crucial point you don't remember such a character appeared inrepparttar 148733 story at any point.

Won't you be anxious and frustrated. Good news, such problems can be eliminated when you become an accelerated reader!

A novel such as one mentioned above normally can be read by a speedreader within a couple of hours.

Definitely in a single session.

Don't you think , if you had read about Uncle John a few hours ago, you would have a much better chance of remembering this character vividly. Thus enable you to fit him intorepparttar 148734 plot to get a more accurate and complete understanding ofrepparttar 148735 entire novel.

Yes, by developingrepparttar 148736 correct habits and attitudes of a speed reader, you will increase your comprehension and improve your overall understanding ofrepparttar 148737 subject!

This will berepparttar 148738 end of this issue...I will be sharing Reward 2 of Accelerated Reading inrepparttar 148739 coming publication...Till then Take Care...

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