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Written by Chuck McCullough

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Find a few decent sources and you can keep a newsletter going for a long time, without having to strain too many brain cells inrepparttar process.

Taking this a step further, you can now find "dynamically updating content." This is really neat because you put some code on one of your website pages, andrepparttar 132092 author automatically updatesrepparttar 132093 displayed information periodically for you!

This is very popular with news, stock information, weather, and sports scores.

When your visitors know they can depend on you for new and updated information, they will return often. They might even tell their friends about you...which is even better!

Another necessary component of a website that brings visitors back is a sense of community.

Some popular forms of community are:

Discussion boards or forums Mailing lists Free email Chat Polls

Finding these items can definitely be a chore, especially if you are on a tight budget and looking for low/no cost options.

To help you with these efforts I've created a comprehensive directory ofrepparttar 132094 best sources of free or almost free website content.

Inrepparttar 132095 directory you will find article resources, dynamic content, and much more.

I namedrepparttar 132096 site and you can visit it at

Why Sticky? Well, sticky isrepparttar 132097 Web term for a website's ability to keep visitors for longer thanrepparttar 132098 typical 3 seconds, and its ability to bringrepparttar 132099 visitors back.

Make them STICK to your website!

To put it plainly, a sticky website sells!

And sales are what we all want, either of our own products, or those of your merchant partners.

Create a sticky website that brings your visitors back again and again so that you can show them your offers.

If you do this, chances are that somewhere betweenrepparttar 132100 third and tenth visit they will become your customers!

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Become a resource and they'll return!

Written by Daryl Clark

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4. Offer free chat from your web site. If you want to be a resource, offer peoplerepparttar opportunity to chat with other like minded web surfers at your site! To add chat to your web site, try DiscussWare for free. This great product adds chat to your site and is easy to set up. For a nominal fee you can upgrade to Discus Pro. To learn more or to add DiscussWare to your site visit this URL:

5. Use your newsletter or e-zine to get people to return to your site. If you have added new information to your site and you don't have a "What's New" page, then list "What's New" in your newsletter or E-zine. If you don't have a newsletter or E-zine, you can learn how to start one by visiting this page at our site.

If you do have a newsletter, include links back torepparttar 132090 location ofrepparttar 132091 relevant text or information in your site. If someone clicks through, they are very likely to look around and see what else you have added sincerepparttar 132092 last time they were there.

In summary, it is a shame to have hundreds or thousands of qualified people come to your web site only never to return! Userepparttar 132093 techniques we have list and you will get those qualified web surfers to come back again and again!

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