Free legal form - Confirmation of a verbal agreement

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You will fulfill your obligations under this agreement [ INSERT TIMESCALE e.g. within 30 days ofrepparttar date of this agreement ]

I will fulfill my obligations under this agreement [ INSERT TIMESCALE e.g. within 30 days ofrepparttar 139127 kitchen being satisfactorily fitted ]

This agreement is to be governed by [ INSERT JURISDICTION e.g. ENGLISH ] law and we agree thatrepparttar 139128 [ JURISDICTION ] Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction inrepparttar 139129 event of any dispute about it.

This agreement representsrepparttar 139130 entire agreement between us in relation to its subject matter and we agree that neither of us has relied on any pre-agreement representations and that no post-agreement representations or provisions relating torepparttar 139131 subject matter shall be part of it unless specifically incorporated into this agreement in writing and are countersigned by both of us.

Please signrepparttar 139132 attached copy of this agreement and return it to me to confirm your agreement torepparttar 139133 above.

Yours faithfully


Agreed and accepted


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Dated ...................

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DUI Law Punishments

Written by Information Association, LLC

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If they lost their job due torepparttar DUI then they now facerepparttar 138194 challenge of trying to find a new job to secure some income but donít have a driverís license for transportation and then also have to disclose onrepparttar 138195 job application that they have been convicted of a DUI. This makes finding any new work near impossible.

What does this do to someoneís mental state? It makes them very emotional and very unstable. Couple these feelings of anxiety withrepparttar 138196 animosity that a large percentage of people feel when they get a DUI. The animosity comes fromrepparttar 138197 fact that a lot of people are wrongly accused and convicted of this offense because so much discretion is left up torepparttar 138198 police officer during a dui stop. Low BAC laws and political pressure funnel more and more innocent people intorepparttar 138199 DUI system everyday.

What isrepparttar 138200 likelihood of a repeat offense whenrepparttar 138201 punishments do this to a person? The personís stress level and mental state has completely deteriorated and depression is setting in. Theyíre worrying about bankruptcy and future employment plans but atrepparttar 138202 same time are unable to help themselves becauserepparttar 138203 courts have handicapped them.

Were all for punishments for people that breakrepparttar 138204 rules butrepparttar 138205 punishment has to fitrepparttar 138206 crime. It has to be rehabilitative in nature if we actually want to fixrepparttar 138207 problem. The current punishments instigate repeat offenses and worsenrepparttar 138208 problem instead of fixing it.

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