Free consumer advice site launched by credit card industry to protect shoppers

Written by Richard Green

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Other help given byrepparttar site includes details on how credit cards work, what happens during application procedures, advice onrepparttar 151189 responsible use of credit cards, and what to do if you find yourself in trouble with debt.

Whatrepparttar 151190 site doesn’t attempt is to look at specific cards to compare rates and benefits, therefore consumers will still need to consult tables in newspapers or financial comparison websites such as Moneynet, if they are to make truly informed decisions. These days there are so many sources of information available which quickly enable financial products to be judged side by side that there is no real excuse for consumers to suffer from exorbitant rates of interest or inferior services, butrepparttar 151191 public needs to take an interest in their own finances if they are not going to be taken for a ride. Resources: Credit card advice - Credit card comparisons - Moneynet Released by ******************* Notes for editors: About bigmouthmedia Bigmouthmedia isrepparttar 151192 European leader in search engine marketing. The Edinburgh based company has offices in London and Madrid. The company is headed up by Steve Leach, Heather Luscombe and Lyndsay Menzies. Clients include Sony PlayStation, Bank of Scotland, Marks and Spencer, British Airways, Sony Ericsson, King Sturge, Laura Ashley and MTV. Further information: E-mail:, Telephone: 0845 130 0022 Website:

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Credit Report – How Your Credit Score is Determined

Written by Charles Essmeier

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or her loans on time will obtainrepparttar highest scores.

  • Another third ofrepparttar 151188 score is determined by current debts, andrepparttar 151189 ratio of debt torepparttar 151190 amount of available credit. Keeping all of your credit cards at or near their limits will hurt this portion ofrepparttar 151191 score. This seems obvious; those who are already near their credit limits may have trouble paying back any future loans.

  • The remaining third ofrepparttar 151192 credit score is determined by three factors – length of credit history, recent credit applications, andrepparttar 151193 types of overall credit inrepparttar 151194 individual’s credit history. The length ofrepparttar 151195 credit history isrepparttar 151196 most significant item, as lenders are more suspicious of borrowers who have not established a pattern of borrowing and repaying loans. A history of repaid loans goes a long way towards fortifying this portion ofrepparttar 151197 score. Recent credit applications, particularly a lot of them, may suggest thatrepparttar 151198 individual is desperate to borrow more money and may have a financial problem. Similarly,repparttar 151199 types of credit demonstrate spending patterns and reliability. A credit report containing all credit cards may be seen as more risky than one with a few credit cards, a repaid auto loan and an ongoing mortgage.

  • By seeing how a credit score is compiled, consumers can take action to keep their scores healthy. A good score helps borrower obtain loans at better interest rates, and that is something that everyone can appreciate.

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