Free Web Hosting Tips

Written by Sid John

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4. Search engine optimization – Some free hosting communities are so large and so fluid that it takes some time get new pages intorepparttar major search engines. People abandon their pages at such a high rate that is hard to keep up withrepparttar 148108 live sites versus abandoned real estate.

Also, any page rank you get goes torepparttar 148109 hosting provider and not to you that is one ofrepparttar 148110 perks of having your own domain name.

5. Tracking – It always helps to know who is coming to your website and how they got there. You might have to search around for some type of free tracking service. This is very important if you plan to make money off your free web hosting account.

My picks Bravenet, Yahoo Geocities and Blogger. I have used all three and I haven’t hadrepparttar 148111 time lately to investigate other services. I will add torepparttar 148112 list inrepparttar 148113 near future.

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Determine Your Needs Before Choosing A Hosting Service

Written by Nancy Casseur

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1.Countrepparttar number of pages in your web site and add a buffer for future expansion. 2.Determinerepparttar 147571 average number of characters per page – notrepparttar 147572 number of words. The number of characters includes everything, letters, spaces, and, punctuation. Most word processing programs such as MS Word will countrepparttar 147573 number of characters for you. 3.Multiplyrepparttar 147574 average number of characters timesrepparttar 147575 number of pages in step 1. 4.Now: one character = 1 Byte, and 8 Bytes = 1 bit, so dividerepparttar 147576 total number of characters determined in step 3 by 8. This gives yourepparttar 147577 total number of bits. 5.1000 bits = 1 KB; 1000 KB = 1 MB, and 1000 MB = 1 GB. Note: Forrepparttar 147578 technical minded 1 GB actually equals 1024 MB, but there is really no necessity to get that picky in this case. 6.Dividerepparttar 147579 total number of bits by 1,000,000 and your answer will berepparttar 147580 number of MB of disk space you need to rent fromrepparttar 147581 hosting service.

Determiningrepparttar 147582 amount of transfer space you will require is largely an approximation based onrepparttar 147583 number of visitors you expect per day. Most ofrepparttar 147584 better hosting services provide you with about 3 GB, which is ample forrepparttar 147585 average web site. If you expect more than a thousand visitors a day, you will, of course, need more transfer space.

The top ten hosting companies are listed conveniently at along with their rankings, disk space offered, bandwidth (transfer space), and reviews.

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