Free Web Hosting - Why Might It Be A Bad Idea

Written by Calin Indre

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The uptime of your web site will be likerepparttar weather forecast. Hope for good, but prepare forrepparttar 105947 worse. Downtime through free web hosts is unfortunately very common. As web hosts generate their revenues from advertising, they don't feel very much compelled to care forrepparttar 105948 web site of a subscriber who doesn't pay them anyway.

To whom will you turn when experiencingrepparttar 105949 abovementioned downtime or other technical problem with your web site? Free web hosts usually have a limited budget and don't afford to hire large customer support teams, if any. You will find yourself alone, staring atrepparttar 105950 FAQ page.

Your domain name will be measured in feet and will tell nothing or very little of your business. This obviously results in low traffic scores, as your visitors won't be able to remember your URL. Can you rely only on search engines, linked sites and people bookmarking your web site? If yes, at least considerrepparttar 105951 fact that inrepparttar 105952 age when companies try to create a personalized image, your web site will be condemned to be just another subdomain of your free host.

Will your customers trust a business hosted by a free web host? What credibility will your web site inspire? Not a very high one.

The above list is really rather long, but as surprisingly as it might be, it is far from being complete. Other additions to it could be that free web hosts not always offer FTP access to your web site file, or you only have one e-mail address to work with and probably looks like

Yes, paid web hosting requires money, butrepparttar 105953 prices are lower than they used to be, andrepparttar 105954 advantages are rather impressive.

Just turn allrepparttar 105955 above you can't… or you have to do without… list around. You are searching for a solution to host your business or even a professional personal web site, don't look for it at a free web host.

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A Little Mistake That Costs Your Website Hosting Business a Fortune

Written by Raynay Valles

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Remember, each Profit Center needs to be more than just a pitch. I must warn you... you can do all ofrepparttar above and STILL fail at creating Profit Centers that go ka-ching. How?

Imagine, a man wants to get married. A friend tells him to start onrepparttar 105946 road to marriage by simply finding a nice woman and asking her for a date.

Will this work? It CAN, but you and I both know there are many factors that make a difference...

WHO he asks, WHEN he asks, HOW he asks, WHERE he asks, and WHAT he says

All this makes a difference to him (and her) and it makes a difference to you when you're building Profit Centers. Profit Centers need marketing finesse. You may remember Beta videotapes. It was a superior video format, but it failed because it wasn’t marketed as well as VHS.


WHO you makerepparttar 105947 offer to - are they a good match forrepparttar 105948 product or service? If they are not inrepparttar 105949 market for what you offer, it's very unlikely they will buy.

WHAT offer you make - will this offer make a difference for your clients or do they feel like you're pitching them for your own benefit?

WHEN you make your offer to them. Before they buy hosting? After they buy hosting? Once their site is live?

WHERE will you makerepparttar 105950 offer - on your website or in an email? Either can be successful. WHAT will you say? This is crucial. You can have a useful product or service and still may not make sales.

What you say makes a huge difference. Use poor copywriting and people will click away from your offer like water jumping off a hot skillet. Great copywriting can inspire people to GO FIND THEIR WALLETS. That'srepparttar 105951 level of copywriting you want - compelling.

To start building your Profit Centers, test your offer on a group of clients. See if it sells, and if not, analyze why not. Edit your Profit Center until it consistently helps your clients and brings your website hosting business more money.

Resource: Author and Marketing Specialist Raynay Valles produces New Profit Centers for website hosting businesses - upsells, mini-courses and resource pages, customized for your business and complete with proven copywriting. Just plug in and start profiting. For more information email her at

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