Free Valentine's Day Ecards Launched

Written by Shridhar Baldota

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All cards are made in falsh and animated with music color and quotes.


The true meaning of freeware

Written by Daniel Robson

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So what isrepparttar reason people make programs for free? The points above could explain it, to some extent. But that is not what freeware is really about. Freeware is about programmers wanting to share what they’ve created withrepparttar 105412 world at large, be it a useful tool, a kick-ass game or even a simple script. People who write freeware like to share what they’ve made, and maybe get some credit fromrepparttar 105413 wider community for making something useful. So next time you find a useful piece of free software why not look throughrepparttar 105414 about box to find out who made it. If they have a site then go visit, maybe leave a note inrepparttar 105415 guest book to encourage them to keep uprepparttar 105416 good work, to create more superb software. And you never know,repparttar 105417 site may even contain that perfect piece of software you’ve been looking for.

Daniel Robson runs where he hosts his own freeware, as well as freeware for Symbian UIQ 7.0 phones.

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