Free Traffic Course - Day 8

Written by Nickolay Bokhonok

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3. CMS allows to paintrepparttar background with any color.

4. CMS can insert pictures torepparttar 149944 web site.

5. CMS gives possibility to put links on web pages, bind these links to necessary URLs.

6. CMS can create tables with customizable number of rows, columns, their size, etc.

7. CMS has an option to switchrepparttar 149945 content of web page from visual mode to HTML code mode. Those who know HTML can editrepparttar 149946 content inrepparttar 149947 code.

8. CMS allows to work with meta keywords, descriptions, title, etc.

9. CMS has usual "cut and paste" functions which makerepparttar 149948 work with is easy and convenient.

10. CMS can manage allrepparttar 149949 web pages separately, without installingrepparttar 149950 system to each page.

If you are not a professional programmer, content management system is a perfect tool for you. Only content manager can turn your web site into an living online organism that quickly responds torepparttar 149951 latest demands ofrepparttar 149952 market. The web site that followsrepparttar 149953 most successful online trends getsrepparttar 149954 best traffic, both in terms of quality and quantity.

Content management system is your wheel for online business. See a good road, turnrepparttar 149955 wheel and go for it.

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Google for Resellers: Leveling the Resell Playing Field

Written by Kendall Simmons

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That means a $10 item couldn't cost more than $.10 a click or a $37 item couldn't cost more than $.37 a click.

#3 ~~ I determine who my audience is and write my ads and choose my keywords accordingly. For example, a lot of products include resell or master resell rights. If you look atrepparttar sales web page included, you'll see that is seen as a selling point. But I never mention that in my Google ads. Instead, I choose to sell to people for whomrepparttar 149848 product would be useful by itself. I've even rewrittenrepparttar 149849 sales page copy to remove most resell rights information and instead emphasizerepparttar 149850 usefulness ofrepparttar 149851 product itself. Plus, when I include bonuses, I only include those bonuses that enhancerepparttar 149852 product.

#4 ~~ I set an initial budget and time period that I will giverepparttar 149853 ad in which to make money. I know that I probably won't get my ad worded perfectly right off and will need to tweak it before I start attractingrepparttar 149854 right type of buyer and start making sales. But I can't tweakrepparttar 149855 ad until I start advertising and seerepparttar 149856 statistics that Google provides. Depending onrepparttar 149857 product price, I will give myself 2-3 weeks to maximizerepparttar 149858 ad.

Rule of Thumb: ALWAYS putrepparttar 149859 price of your product in your Google ad.

You don't want just anyone clicking on your ad because each click costs you money. You want to let people know up front that you are selling something and for how much. They won't click if they aren't willing to spend that or if they don't think they can get something for free.

#5 ~~ I always quit when I determine by results thatrepparttar 149860 product is no longer selling sufficiently to justify my continuing to pay Google. I never assume that things will pick up after my cutoff point.

Rule of Thumb: Once I stop selling 2 items per week, I quit sellingrepparttar 149861 item.

The first sale is to coverrepparttar 149862 price ofrepparttar 149863 ads. The second sale is to cover other costs as well as give me a profit. If there's no profit, there's no point in advertising.

[Byrepparttar 149864 way, you haverepparttar 149865 option of your ads showing up just on Google search results or also on people's websites. I've found I generally do better just advertising on Google, but it depends on what you're selling.]

Conclusion: It can be hard for people to quickly break intorepparttar 149866 reselling world, even with a great product, without a large mailing list or a website with lots of traffic. Using Google AdWords can seriously levelrepparttar 149867 resell playing field and help *you* make a profit!

About the Author: Kendall Simmons of, the largest resellers membership site on the web, has been making money online since 1996. Her Reselling4Profit Newsletter contains practical how-tos and step-by-steps designed to help you make a *PROFIT* online. Each issue also includes at least one free quality download that you can sell, use or give away. Subscribe at

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