Free Tips For Your Child's Success

Written by Frank W. Thatcher Jr.

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OK, now I have opened up a very large can of worms, haven't I? Don't get discouraged. Many questions do arise, all of which can be answered. Questions such as: How much time should my child spend reading? How many days a week? What should my child read? The most frequent question: What can I do to get my child to sit and read when he or she can be rather resistant torepparttar idea? Contact me at and I will respond.

There are no quick easy answers. Below I have suggested materials and forrepparttar 109463 purpose of this article I will tell you this much, all strategies depend on many different factors specific to your child's needs. I can and will give you needed suggestions and FREE advice on these matters by email. Contact me at and I will make every effort to help you out. Some suggested materials: Hooked on Phonics at and/or Homebound downloadable coloring and story books for kindergarten and primary (4-8 years) at Both are excellent resources. As I said, so much depends on your individual child and his or her personal characteristics, levels, abilities, and needs. Contact me for support!

Frank Thatcher is an experienced educator specializing in many areas such as behavior modifications, emotional challenges, and parenting skills. He has assisted many in setting goals and experiencing success. For FREE advice relating to Your needs, contact Mr. Thatcher at Visit for great resources!

The Gift of Teaching

Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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Withrepparttar approach of a new upcoming school year, may allrepparttar 109462 teachers (parents, educators, neighbors, writers, etc.) brace themselves forrepparttar 109463 wonderful task at hand. To furtherrepparttar 109464 education of any child isrepparttar 109465 richest, most rewarding experience in life. There can be no more noble undertaking than to lead a child to investigating, challenging themselves and their surroundings, attempting, and succeeding at skills and subjects that will let this child open doors to his/her future. From a parent giving an example of honesty, a neighbor pointing outrepparttar 109466 beauty of a newly born kitten, a teacher who brings a subject or book to life, and a writer who paints a "word" picture of a sunset, all these individuals play such an important role inrepparttar 109467 formation andrepparttar 109468 future of this child.

When a child's environment is rich with caring, loving people who want only to bringrepparttar 109469 sunshine of knowledge and capability into this child's world, thenrepparttar 109470 possibilities are endless,repparttar 109471 potential without limit. A book contains written words, a fanciful tale,repparttar 109472 recorded experiences of an individual, orrepparttar 109473 peculiarities of a location, but a "teacher" can infuse life and reality intorepparttar 109474 material. History becomes a wealth of evolvement and ancestry, science is a world of not-yet-discovered solutions, andrepparttar 109475 realm of language is transformed into building blocks to reachrepparttar 109476 stars.

To a wonderful new school year ENJOY! ©Arleen M. Kaptur 2002 August

Arleen M. Kaptur has written numerous articles, mini-books, fiction/non-fiction books

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