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Written by Richard Lowe

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- Ensure thatrepparttar banners are stored onrepparttar 113275 banner exchange server. They will not tell you this, but you can find a site which uses their service and checkrepparttar 113276 "Properties" ofrepparttar 113277 banner. The image needs to be stored on their server so that it cannot be changed unless it goes through their manual checks for suitability.

- Be sure it will not cost you anything.

- If I had any interest in these programs, I would look for one that supported buttons (88 x 31) and even text links. This allows for faster load times. Text links also generally have a higher click-through ratio.

- A good set of reports so you can monitor how wellrepparttar 113278 exchange is doing.

If you do sign up for one of these programs, be sure you checkrepparttar 113279 statistics regularly. You need to look for two things:

- How many visitors have you received fromrepparttar 113280 program?

- And how many visitors did you lose fromrepparttar 113281 program?

If you consistently lose more visitors than you gain, then leaverepparttar 113282 program fast. This means you have a negative return on investment.

Here is a small selection of banner exchange services. Inrepparttar 113283 current internet advertising environment, it is important to note that these services can come and go very quickly. Thus, this list may become obsolete in short order (I have found that I need to edit it about once per quarter to remove/modify over halfrepparttar 113284 list).

123banners 123banners has a 2:1 ratio and supports an odd-size, 400x40 banner which must be 10k or less in size.

ASInet These guys have a 2:1 ratio.

Bannerexchanges Allows 468 x 60 pixel banners with a ratio of 2:1. They allow 25k size banners as well as animation.

BannerExpress These guys don't state their ratio in their FAQ. They support an odd size banner (400x50) andrepparttar 113285 banner must be 10k or less in size.

Banner-X-Change This program allows four different banner sizes - 468x60, 400x40, 120x60, and 88x31. They also give 2000 free impressions of their banner is shown atrepparttar 113286 top ofrepparttar 113287 page, and they have a referral program.

Beseen One for one banner exchange program. This is one ofrepparttar 113288 larger banner exchange programs (they claim over a million sites), which could result in lots of exposure.

Cybergate Banner Exchange A banner exchange program with a 3:2 ratio. Get 500 free credits when you sign up, and they have a referral program.

Exchange-It These guys have a 2:1 ratio and support 468 x 60 banners.

Free-Banners Free-banners has a 2:1 ratio with a 3 tier referral program.

Xlinkx They have a 3:2 ratio and have a program for general as well as adult sites. They allow 400x40, 400x50, or 468x68 banners, which must be 12k or less.

Additional Information

Banner Creation You have many tools available to create banners

Banner Services You need to create some banners? Here are some services (free and paid) for you to check out.

Banner Sizes Here arerepparttar 113289 standard sizes forrepparttar 113290 various banners. This is a general agreement among advertisers.

Banner Tips This page includes some tips to help you with your banner campaigns.

The ins and outs of banner advertising Join a free or for pay banner exchange program to get people to visit your site.

Sins ofrepparttar 113291 internet - Banners Banner ads not only look terrible, increase load times and cause site failures, they don't even work.

You Can Do Better Than Banner Exchanges Think you want to join a banner exchange to get people to visit your site? Think again.

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Are All The Free Things In Life Best? Not On Your Net, They're Not!

Written by Roger J. Burke

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Some take up such an offer, of course, but I'll bet most don't. Why? Because it's not really free! It's what I call "free...but".

The point has now been reached, I think, where few "free" offers can be trusted. And, I think it's about time that marketing pundits particularly took note ofrepparttar fact that free really does mean free.

Oh...there are no free lunches, you say? Apart fromrepparttar 113274 creation ofrepparttar 113275 cosmos perhaps, you're right. But, if a seller insists on offering a "free...but" product, that seller should make surerepparttar 113276 prospect knows that beforerepparttar 113277 prospect clicks through. What's so hard about that?

Look, it comes down to this: If a seller wants me to do a sell job, then pay me. Don't offer me a book, software or whatever "free", and expect me to blab about a product or offer when I haven't even read or tried it yet.

Now, if you think I'm wrong, then go ahead...keep doingrepparttar 113278 other guy's job and keep runningrepparttar 113279 risk of being accused of SPAM. It's your website and reputation that's onrepparttar 113280 firing line...not mine.

As for me...I don't buy that type of "free" anymore. It's getting to be too expensive. ;-)

Roger Burke has been involved with computers since 1967, and has managed to break quite a few, over the years. He, and his wife Sherry, are now actively engaged in online self-publishing and promoting specific affiliate programs at . If you have any comments or questions about this article, please send emails to . Copyright 2001, Online-Wealth. All rights reserved.

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