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Written by Jim Edwards

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"ShortKeys" is a macro utility, which means it performs repetitive tasks for you.

In this case, it allows you to set up replacement text or paragraphs for any given number of keystroke combinations you can define.

For example, I set mine up so whenever I type #7faq into an email message,repparttar program automatically inserts six paragraphs withrepparttar 107791 most frequently asked questions I get from people surfing my site.

The program quietly monitors your typing activity and, any time you type in a pre-defined keystroke combination,repparttar 107792 program will automatically insertrepparttar 107793 replacement text.

You can userepparttar 107794 program with email, word processing, web browser, and even with your web page editor.

You simply choose a word and associate it withrepparttar 107795 replacement text. ShortKeys will then insert virtually anything you could type, including: simple sentences; extremely long web addresses; single paragraphs; even several paragraphs up to 3000 characters long.

Not only do you save time by not manually typing inrepparttar 107796 sentence or paragraphs, but you will greatly reducerepparttar 107797 inevitable errors and typo's all of us make.

I don't normally get this excited about a free piece of software, but if you ever find yourself typingrepparttar 107798 same text over and over, get a copy of this program and start using it!

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Having troubles with Flash?

Written by Marianne Gorenstein

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The program has been thoroughly thought out byrepparttar company’s highly qualified programmers, which results in its performance. The program provides you with two types of compression configurations: simple and profound. This allows you customize more than 50 separate options for each specific SWF and reachrepparttar 107790 optimum compression with minimum quality loss. Or you can use optimization settings determined by other users and developers. In addition,repparttar 107791 menu and layout are understandable and easy to navigate, so that even beginners will feel home withrepparttar 107792 buttons and configurations.

You are welcome to visit to see full features list and try a free version of this handy tool.

Marianne M. Gorenstein

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