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Written by Dan J. Fry

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(3) University of Texas ( A lot of basics. However, this site goes beyond by covering some Javascript and dynamic programming. Another nice feature isrepparttar extensive writeup of details regarding different html versions.

(4) HTML Code Tutorial ( I absolutely love this site. Authored by Miko O'Sullivanrepparttar 116793 author of The Idocs Guide To HTML. Very easy to use with lots of examples.

(5) WebMonkey ( Part ofrepparttar 116794 terra lycos network of sites, I frequently check with WebMonkey if stuck on some small part of web programming. I don't find them to be an extensive resource but good for quick solutions.

One ofrepparttar 116795 most important things to pass along here is learn by example. This isrepparttar 116796 only way to learn any form of programming. You can read whatever you wish. But, until you try it and understandrepparttar 116797 outcome, you will never really understandrepparttar 116798 language enough to develop evenrepparttar 116799 smallest html documents on your own.

My site,, was designed and built entirely by me. It took time, but did not cost me a dime. The biggest advantage wasrepparttar 116800 wealth of knowledge I gained by programming everything myself. I of course made use ofrepparttar 116801 very same resources listed above. The best tip I can pass along is to be patient and persevere. Make use ofrepparttar 116802 expertise of others posted free onrepparttar 116803 web. With a little hard work you too can build your entire site from scratch.

Dan J. Fry is an independent researcher and owner of the e- Kinetic E-Zine. He has a PhD in Physics, two daughters and two cats. Subscribe to his e-zine at e- or by visiting his Home Business site at


Written by Lynne Schulze

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This can leave you questioning your dreams or even your sanity! Take some comfort inrepparttar fact that you are not alone. All those who wish to make a better life for themselves, will meet with resistence

Think of athletes or performers in any field. The endless hours of practice and learning. The lack of a social life. The defeats . The huge amount of sacrifices and challenges these people have to meet so they can fulfill their dreams. Only YOU can decide whetherrepparttar 116792 rewards you look forward to are worth your effort.

A serious commitment to a goal does not mean you have to take allrepparttar 116793 joy and fun out of life. Laughter and humour are an integeral part ofrepparttar 116794 human make up. Intergrate fun into your daily goals.

Learnrepparttar 116795 difference betweeen giving up and giving in. There may be many times when giving up a certain direction or idea, would be wise. Giving in, onrepparttar 116796 other hand, should never even be considered.

Life presents itself one day at a time. Take your commitments in daily bite-sized pieces. You can do without mental indigestion! One brick at a time, a house is built. One stroke at a time,repparttar 116797 artist paints! Copyright (c) Lynne Schulze

Lynne is the webmaster of and a member of the international association of home business entrepreneurs

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