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How to Interview Your Way To Ebook Success

Written by Bonnie Lowe

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7. RECORD your interviews -- even if you take excellent notes!. Thereís no substitute for being able to replayrepparttar comments as many times as needed to get an accurate transcription of what was said. Minicassette recorders are cheap, small and easy to carry around. If doing a telephone interview, there are inexpensive devices that connectrepparttar 108411 recorder to your phone. NOTE: Some states do not allow recording of telephone conversations withoutrepparttar 108412 knowledge and permission of those being recorded. Some people do not feel comfortable having their conversations recorded. Whether doingrepparttar 108413 interview by telephone or in person, itís always best to ask permission to record it. Just tell them it helps you to get their comments as accurately as possible because your note-taking skills are lacking. Also tell them that they will have final approval of their comments used in your ebook. This will ease their reluctance to haverepparttar 108414 interview recorded.

8. TAKE NOTES ofrepparttar 108415 interview -- even if youíre recording it! Never totally rely on a recorderÖrepparttar 108416 batteries can die,repparttar 108417 tape can wear out or end without auto-reversing,repparttar 108418 telephone connector might be hooked up wrong, etc. Always get as much down manually as possible to back up your recording.

9. TRANSCRIBE your interview as soon as possible. (Again, email interviews do not apply). This is particularly critical if your recorder failed and youíre relying on your hastily scribbled notes Ė and your memory to decipher them!

10. INCORPORATE THE EXPERTíS COMMENTS into your ebook. This does not have to be done inrepparttar 108419 typical interview Q&A format, but that is easiest. How you incorporaterepparttar 108420 comments depends onrepparttar 108421 writing style of your ebook. (This article doesnít go into that.)

11. PROVIDE THE FIRST DRAFT of your ebook to your expert and ask him to verifyrepparttar 108422 accuracy ofrepparttar 108423 information attributed to him. This is important. The last thing you want to do is misquote him or get some ofrepparttar 108424 facts mixed up. Plus he may even provide additional useful information as he reviews your ebook. Another added bonusÖ by getting his approval, youíre gaining his trust. If you wish to do follow-up ebooks inrepparttar 108425 future onrepparttar 108426 same general topic, itíll be easy to get this expert to assist you again.

12. MODIFYrepparttar 108427 draft to incorporaterepparttar 108428 expertís comments.

13. FINALIZE and sell your ebook! (This isrepparttar 108429 really fun part!)

14. FULFILL YOUR AGREEMENT withrepparttar 108430 expert. Has he been paid? Did he receive his copy ofrepparttar 108431 ebook? Even if he didrepparttar 108432 interview for free and asked for nothing in return, send him a free copy ofrepparttar 108433 ebook along with a nice thank-you note.

See? You donít have to be an expert or write only about what you know. Virtually anyone can write about anything withrepparttar 108434 right tools. For more information on how to write and sell your own ebooks, visit

Bonnie Lowe is an award-winning writer who has had thousands of articles published in both offline and online media.

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