Free Opportunity in Mortgage Acceleration Industry

Written by Consumer Mortgage

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Why is Consumer Mortgage Reduction Service giving away this free business program to entrepreneurs? The answer is this, said company president Thaddeus Collins, “When I was looking for a business to start, with a shoestring budget, I could not afford to invest in business programs I did not know would show a financial return.” He continues, “So I developed this program, after many years inrepparttar business, so that entrepreneurs can start earning income, without having to invest inrepparttar 117016 business program first.” Consumer Mortgage Reduction Service is quickly growing as a leader inrepparttar 117017 mortgage acceleration’s industry. The company offers two ways for its representatives to make an income inrepparttar 117018 mortgage industry. The first is by promotingrepparttar 117019 Biweekly Mortgage Acceleration Program, and,repparttar 117020 second is providing Adjustable Rate Mortgage audits. In a recent survey conducted by U.S. Government auditors, it was found that almost 50% of all Adjustable Rate Mortgages contained some type of miscalculations or errors inrepparttar 117021 lenders favor, causing mortgage holders to be overcharged billions of dollars per year. The Mortgage Auditor assist homeowners recover these overcharges if applicable, and assure them that their payments are being applied correctly to their mortgage. With these two programs, entrepreneurs can earn a substantial living in a respectable industry; and,repparttar 117022 best part is that these business programs are absolutely free from Consumer Mortgage Reduction Service. To get more information about starting a Biweekly Mortgage Acceleration and Auditing business, visit their website at:

Consumer Mortgage Reduction Service provides small business owners free business opportunities in the mortgage reduction industry

List Building vs. Search Engine Optimization: Which One Really Works Better?

Written by Robert Gwuzd

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If you changerepparttar design or copy on your site, it won’t matter one bit torepparttar 117015 members of your list. They’ll still be there for you. Ifrepparttar 117016 search engines decide they’re only going to list sites that userepparttar 117017 colors blue, green, and purple… it won’t affect you at all.

Sales vs. Leads

Truth be known, SEO only drives “leads” to your site… not sales. Onrepparttar 117018 other hand, list building puts your offer in front of those who have already checked you out, decided they liked what you had to say, and chose to stick with you. These are loyal, pre-qualified individuals who are waiting to receive your next mailing and purchase your next product.

Free, Automatic, and Viral

Lastly, list building can be done at no cost. List building can happen automatically and can (and should) be a viral process.

If you produce a quality list that offers something of value, others will want to tell their friends about you. This process of automatic, viral marketing costs you nothing whatsoever and works like a dream because your subscribers are making unsolicited recommendations to those who trust them.

This process not only drives new subscribers to your list, but also ultimately makes new sales for you.

Search engines, onrepparttar 117019 other hand, do not operate virally. While some are free, many charge forrepparttar 117020 “opportunity” to be reviewed for inclusion. Still others charge on a pay-per-click basis, which can get very costly without ever bringing in one sale.

When all is said and done, which one is better? Lists or search engines? While both can have an important role in your marketing plan, if what you’re looking for isrepparttar 117021 generation of more sales… building a responsive list simply can’t be beat.

How - exactly - do you build a list that delivers an automated, consistent, monthly income? Robert Gwuzd and Ian Herculson have teamed up to offer you “The Opt-In Strategy,” a powerful, FREE EBOOK designed to show you specifically how to build a list of thousands who will consistently buy from you. Best of all… this ebook COSTS YOU NOTHING. Download it now at

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