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Written by Eric D. McClenon

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ability to send direct e-mail to them with any or all your advertisements.

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Free Website Submission Services

Written by Aaron Wilmot

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recommend purchasing this software because it is rather expensive and time consuming for a novice to learn. If you have an older computer this software will chew up a lot of resources while it is running and slow down your computer performance. Onrepparttar plus side it does submit to a rather large number of sites. This can boost your page rank or popularity. That leaves us withrepparttar 113256 freebie submission services that exist aroundrepparttar 113257 net. There are number of them available, and they vary in quality. The way it works is you fill out one form andrepparttar 113258 service submits that information to allrepparttar 113259 engines on it's list. I do not recommend using them if your whole business is built around your site, but for many sites they are adequate. The problem is that some search engines block these automated submissions automatically(they want you to personally visit their site), and they are ineffective for most directories which require that you navigate torepparttar 113260 pertinent category first. Also, each engine allows a differing amount of keywords and requires different types of information. Some ofrepparttar 113261 more popular services include, which will submit your site to 40 search engines for free, which will submit your site to Google, Subjex, Alexa, Scrub The Web, FAST Search AllTheWeb, LookSeek, ExactSeek, Jayde, and a few others for free, submits to 20+ top search engines using an automatic service that is easy to use, and which will submit your site torepparttar 113262 major engines and directories if you put a small text link on your site. If you go to there is a freebie site submission service there if you click "add url" atrepparttar 113263 bottom ofrepparttar 113264 page. There are other free submission sites out there. Just go to your favorite search engine and type in "free search engine submission" and you will be presented with a list of such freebies.

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