Free Internet Marketing? Part II

Written by Dave Ryan

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Everyone was asking afterrepparttar first article "These programs are great but how do I build a down line fast?", well its easy. With Traffic Swarm, FreeViral, and Free Hits Forever you can change what you are advertising through them at any time. With Traffic Swarm you can actually run several ad campaigns at once. So all you do to get your down lines built incredibly fast is advertise your other viral marketing accounts through each other and then when built up you switchrepparttar 146730 ads to be for your site. This will produce little traffic at first to your site, but will seed your down lines incredibly fast. So after you have 1000's in your down line forrepparttar 146731 different accounts you switchrepparttar 146732 ad to your site and now your ad is displayed on thousands and thousands of sites, for FREE!

This is by farrepparttar 146733 most effective way of getting a ton of free ads and traffic and also getting site recognition fromrepparttar 146734 big search engines. Having thousands and thousands of incoming links is an incredibly powerful tool for building up search engine ranking. There are even more techniques of free internet marketing that I will write about forrepparttar 146735 next article. This viral marketing strategy is by far one ofrepparttar 146736 most effective methods of getting massive amounts of free targeted traffic to your site, and hopefully to buy your product.

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Article Writing: 5 Tips on How to Pull and Hold the Reader

Written by Dina Giolitto

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4. Focus onrepparttar customer. Of course, your article content will come from your own experiences. But instead of saying, "I know this guy who" and "When I designed my website," you can project your story ontorepparttar 145908 customer. It helps to addressrepparttar 145909 reader and ask questions: "Ever find yourself buried under piles of paperwork?" (You yourself may know this feeling, but your customer doesn't care.) It's all aboutrepparttar 145910 reader!

5. Include a call to action. If you word your articles in justrepparttar 145911 right way, you can really inspire your key customer to take action without making them feel coerced. Tap their wants and needs, offer solutions, and then spur them on to make a change forrepparttar 145912 better. Of course,repparttar 145913 solution is to get in touch with you. Do this subtly in your article, and then do it again with a bit more volume in your conclusion and bio. "Visit today to find out how great copywriting can make a world of difference for your business!" There, see how easy that was?

In general, it helps to visualizerepparttar 145914 article reaching its final destination. If your article is about cooking, then imagine it on someone else's cooking website. Now imaginerepparttar 145915 reader, taking in your story. What would they want to read about? How canrepparttar 145916 visual presentation keep them riveted on your words, so they can make it torepparttar 145917 end where your bio and URL link is? How can you get them to click that link?

If you do get wrapped up inrepparttar 145918 joyous act of article writing, that's a beautiful thing! Just remember to keep your eye onrepparttar 145919 prize: your business prospects.

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