Free Internet: What's it Really Cost?

Written by Merle

Continued from page 1 Did someone say K-Mart? You'd be right on with this free dial up service offered from Yahoo and K-mart combined. The registration process is pretty painful as they ask for a lot of personal information. Your surfing patterns are tracked and shared with third parties. The banner on your screen measures 486x86 pixels. The download is large at 3.51 MB but if you don't want to wait you can fill out a form onrepparttar website and you'll be sent a CD. With claims of over 4 million registered users, NetZero must be doing something right. Registration requires a lot of information andrepparttar 119075 download is large at 4.76 MB. The banner on your screen will be 800x88 pixels and you'll be forced to click on it from time to time or face disconnection. Like most other free services they track your surfing patterns and share them with third parties. They also offer free email accounts and customer support.

There are many free dial-up options to choose from. If you don't likerepparttar 119076 ones presented here, go to for even more choices.

Whoever coinedrepparttar 119077 phrase "you don't get nothing for free" obviously never knew about free Internet access. As long as you don't mind giving up some of your personal information and viewing banner ads, free dial up is not such a bad deal. Even if you decide to keep your paid ISP, a free dial-up account can come in handy as a backup should your ISP ever go down.

Free Internet access can save you a lot of money, so what are you waiting for? Takerepparttar 119078 money you'll save and buy your honey something nice to help make up for all that time you spend online and if that doesn't work you can always save up for a good divorce attorney.

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Big Brother Bill: It's 1984 all over Again!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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Consider that Microsoft providesrepparttar desktop software to most ofrepparttar 119074 corporate world and it doesn't take much of a stretch ofrepparttar 119075 imagination to see them building in their own monitoring tools.

Add to that, "Smart Tags" that are being built into Microsoft software so that all of their products are tethered together and they now have access to virtually all of your information from Outlook, Word, your calendar, your email addresses, your files, your spreadsheets and your Powerpoint presentations.

The following quote came from a large computing company's lead engineer, he was promised anonymity:

<- begin quote ->

"Bill has held back technology in order to controlrepparttar 119076 growth at his own pace and suck up every ounce of revenue alongrepparttar 119077 way. He is a genius when it comes to business - probablyrepparttar 119078 smartest business man to ever live!

When he released MSDOS (early 80's) there were plenty of multi- tasking OSs available - he released Windows NT inrepparttar 119079 mid 90's over ten years afterrepparttar 119080 technology was available onrepparttar 119081 PC! You have to be pretty smart to hold off that kind of technology for over ten years!

The consumer is just now starting to receiverepparttar 119082 benefits of multi-tasking OS's with Windows 2000 and still has no idea how much technology they are missing!

He uses his install base of (90+%) ofrepparttar 119083 client market to control and kill every standard in his greedy profit hungry companies way.

Now he is trying to kill Java with SOAP, SNMP with CIMOM ... etc.

He killed pop3 with exchange server - you have to buy your corporate email server from Microsoft. No open email standards will stand in his way - eliminaterepparttar 119084 competition!

The bottom line is Bill isrepparttar 119085 smartest business man inrepparttar 119086 software industry and controlsrepparttar 119087 pace of technology. You will not getrepparttar 119088 technology until Bill can control and ownrepparttar 119089 market!"

<- End of quote ->

Bill Gates made $931 million as Microsoft shares rose about 2 percent, better thanrepparttar 119090 Upside 150's 1 percent gain. The Microsoft chairman was worth $50.6 billion atrepparttar 119091 end of trading on June 29, based on his company stock holdings. That would financerepparttar 119092 Big Brother centralized database called .Net quite easily.

Are you ready for 1984?

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