Free Instant Auction Traffic

Written by Jason James

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Login to your account Clickrepparttar 'view' link beside 'Number of domains in your account' Click your new domain name Click URL Forwarding underrepparttar 144786 Host Management section onrepparttar 144787 left Enter your about me page URL in both textboxes and click Save Changes now own a domain that redirects to your about me page! And make sure you place your new domain name in all your feedback comments. that you know how to get some extra free traffic by using eBay's feedback comments, answer this question:

"Do you want to know how to turn that extra FREE traffic into cash?"

Yes/No? - Well, I'm going to tell you anyways... ;-) There are a few things you can are 2:

Place your auction links on your AboutMe page so that your new visitors can get to your auctions. Place a newsletter signup form in your AboutMe page as well as in your auction pages and collect leads. Then market to those leads over and over again. I thinkrepparttar 144788 second idea isrepparttar 144789 most powerful...although it takes a little work on your part.

The quick`n`dirty way is to use to manage your leads and use their capture web form generator to capture your lead's name and email address.

BUT, there are certain rules you must obey in order to collect client information from your auctions pages as well as you about Me page.

Jason James is a 10 year Internet marketing veteran and an eBay Power Seller of 4 years. His website "The Auction Resource Network" reveals his inside secrets, tips, and sources that help him pocket over $10,000 per month on eBay.

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Advertising Business Opportunity Reaches New Levels

Written by Randy Wilson

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SEO, or search engine optimization, is a proven method of advertising onrepparttar Internet and a field, which is very much in demand at this time. SEO is a system of writing web content that uses specific key words and phrases that will pullrepparttar 144785 page up when that keyword or phrase is typed into any ofrepparttar 144786 search engines. Knowing how to effectively use keywords to get a site recognized is critical for small businesses onrepparttar 144787 web.

When you open a search engine such as 'Yahoo!' or 'Google', and type inrepparttar 144788 phrase Internet advertising, you will get a list of results. Those results are formulated byrepparttar 144789 words Internet and advertising. Sites that have those two words incorporated consistently throughoutrepparttar 144790 site will come up onrepparttar 144791 list. These lists are in order byrepparttar 144792 most hit on sites atrepparttar 144793 top of this list. Of course, that is where you want your advertising business opportunity clients to be.

Educating your self on these concepts and a few more will allow you to start marketing your Internet advertising business. Becoming an Internet business advertising consultant to companies who are looking to expand their presence onrepparttar 144794 web is a first step in building your reputation and presence in this field.

You must have a well-written profile centered on your Internet advertising experience and an up to date resume'. Businesses today are being inundated with new, and sometimes bogus, advertising opportunities and you need to stand out above all those other offers. Keep your presence, online and inrepparttar 144795 field, professional at all times and make sure you can deliver what you promise. With those things in mind, you should be successful.

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