Free Hosting - A Real Bargain?

Written by Francisco Aloy

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If at a later stage of development you decide to order some ofrepparttar above support items "a la carte," you'll find outrepparttar 134359 outrageous cost of much for a free hosting account!

Allrepparttar 134360 above shouldn't imply there are no legitimate business uses for a free hosting account, there are! They can be used for hosting pages that link back to your main website, for re-directed URL's, for hosting any kind of web page that doesn't need any ofrepparttar 134361 advanced support options of your main business website.

They can also be used for showcasing individual products contained within your main website with a link back to your landing page. They can increase your SE ranking if they are well designed with tight, relevant copy that goes well with your main website. Quality and accuracy do have their payoff!

Another important, and often erroneous point, is that it will help your main website have a wider appeal to many ofrepparttar 134362 SE's because ofrepparttar 134363 incoming links. However,repparttar 134364 incoming links from free hosting accounts are not considered quality links byrepparttar 134365 SE's.

Used with insight and vision, free hosting services can ad value to your web operation. The main point to keep in mind is thatrepparttar 134366 same care and preparation given to your main website should also be given to your free websites. The quality ofrepparttar 134367 writing and production should be to help your main website, not to detract from it.


by Francisco Aloy

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Web Hosting in 2005 --- Finding the Niche and Cashing in!

Written by Evan Ernst

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If you are happy with your web host, check to see if they operate an affiliate program. Instead of paying them every month, or year, imagine them paying you? It can be as easy as putting a small “powered by” or “hosted by” link onrepparttar bottom of your page.

Why pay for web hosting if you don’t have to? Why not get paid to let people know you like your web host.

Remember when choosing a web host; choose one that has fantastic customer support. Look for hosting affiliate programs, or even RESIDUAL affiliate programs, which are programs that pay you a percentage every month for a client you refer, and allow you to build a steady income.

For more information about our web hosting and affiliate program, please visit our site

------------------------------------------------- Evan Ernst isrepparttar 134358 owner of Markethoster, andrepparttar 134359 innovator ofrepparttar 134360 Residual Profit Affiliate System. Need a free web hosting solution? How about getting paid too? -------------------------------------------------

Evan Ernst is the owner of Markethoster, and the innovator of the Residual Profit Affiliate System. Need a free web hosting solution? How about getting paid too?

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