Free Ebay Gift Card

Written by Ratliff J

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repparttar Free Ebay Gift Card, check out Free Ebay Gift Card.

J. Ratliff is author of Free N Stuff.

Wacky Test Marketing: Part 3

Written by Jim Green

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Yahoo!No.1 out of 8,570,000 competitive pages AltaVista No.1 out of 6,493,000 competitive pages All The WebNo.1 out of 7,040,000 competitive pages MSNNo.1 out of 0,804,114 competitive pages

Clearly Google is not impressed with my website optimization strategy and also you might reasonably remark that it appears to be going backwards onrepparttar other SEs listed – but hey, I would settle for any ranking between 1 and 10 anytime, and let Google go…

Will I try for a hat trick with my wacky marketing?

I might – but I would be more interested to learn if anyone else is prepared to give it a go.

If so, here is what to do:

1.Set up a temporary website for a product you have yet to develop 2.Concentrate onrepparttar 145944 sales pitch 3.Rack up new end consumer benefits that emerge as you write 4.Put your mind into freefall on product development 5.Include a form instead of a price link on your page 6.Ask viewers what they think of your embryo innovation 7.Give them price options 8.Give them something free for participating in your survey 9.Ask them to join your newsletter 10.Send them a thank-you email for helping you out

If you do decide on some wacky marketing, please let me knowrepparttar 145945 results.

You can contact me viarepparttar 145946 website inrepparttar 145947 resource box.

Jim Green is an online enthusiast and bestselling author with an ever-growing string of traditionally published niche non-fiction hard copy titles to his credit. View his second test marketing experiment at this website:

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