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Written by David D. Deprice

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When all power levels are depleted, your game is over. The different types of enemy ships attack in waves. Each type of ship has different weapons, attack style, and AI. Each level consists of several waves. The last wave of each level isrepparttar boss. Have fun being a Star Defender.

TESTIMONIALS "I loverepparttar 136832 Star Defender, can't stop playing it, got to level 4 and wave 80, cant get past it, but I am not going to give up. Loverepparttar 136833 game." Flossie W. "I have been playing Star Defender for a while and I love it, my wife too!" Patrick I.

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The Best Place To Submit Your Articles

Written by Andrej

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The purpose of this article is to seek to create a comprehensive list of places where writers can submit their articles for distribution...

If you find this page useful, please bookmark it...and use it whenever you have new articles to distribute...we will continue to update it withrepparttar latest links as we get "tip offs" from our visitors.

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Here Are The Link:

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Remember...bookmark this page and if you discover any other good sites to distribute articles through, let me know.Thanks!

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