Free Competition Analysis for E-Commerce Startup

Written by Lawrence Roth

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This site allows searching for e-commerce sites in specific industries in order to view status, link popularity, ranking, etc. For our company we began by selecting five companies that best fit our industry and were inrepparttar top 500. We took a look at what they were doing, and they must be doing something right if they are inrepparttar 117000 top 500.

We made a list of their strengths and weaknesses and compared our strengths and weaknesses to theirs. This wasrepparttar 117001 best free Competition Analysis tool we had come across. It provided information on our competition and allowed us to begin carving out what our special niche could be and how to compete. The only thing that it cost was time.

For a startup e-commerce site with a limited budget I recommend trying this approach for Competition Analysis. This approach does not have to be your only tool but it can be a beneficial tool to add to your marketing toolbox.

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The Community Advantage

Written by Lois M. Jeary

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And don't be concerned about it being a 'new technology' because Quikonnex was made for those of us without a techie degree. They believe in support and live training. They even created their own reader called QuikView which you can customize. It's also a bookmark server so you can add your favorite links and access everything from any computer.

You're still notified when someone subscribes to your site. You can track your ad campaigns. Your readers can comment directly on items you post. Andrepparttar beauty is that it's all done from one place. Once you see how easy it is, you will wonder why you are sticking with email as your delivery method. Take a look at: and you'll see for yourself how easy it is to become a member of repparttar 116999 Quikonnex community and that membership in Quikonnex definitely has it's privileges. Give it a try. It won't cost you a thing and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Direct To Desktop Communication

And since email has become so unreliable,repparttar 117000 creators of Quikonnex even developed their own direct to desktop communication medium called QMTP. Membership in Quikonnex will give you access to this system. Connect with your fellow publishers or subscribers without having to wade through your email client to do it. For me it's been an effective alternative to email.

Web Conferencing

The latest addition to Quikonnex is web conferencing. Imagine being able to show your readers how your latest software works or help them with a problem on their computer. What about training through a web conference? The possibilities are endless. As a Quikonnex member, you'll be able to set up your own web conference room.

Valuable Real Estate

Anyone connected torepparttar 117001 internet will use their browser to gain access to different websites. And since Quikonnex resides as a sidebar tool in your browser, you and your readers will have easy access to everything you need. This sidebar can also be customized to carry your logo as well as links to your website. Now that's viral marketing.

The Community Advantage

The advantage of building and working within a community is that you aren't left on your own trying to 're-inventrepparttar 117002 wheel'. Working as a team can benefit your business in numerous ways because you can share ideas, expand your marketing efforts and brainstorm with like-minded and innovative individuals.

And that's why I believerepparttar 117003 Quikonnex system is perfect for anyone serious about their publishing efforts. It's quick, it's clean and it's safe and gives you a simple way to stay connected to your readers. And isn't that what it's all about? Staying connected?

Lois Jeary publishes KIT (Keeping In Touch) through her Home4Success channel which features straight forward articles, helpful hints and suggestions, interaction with subscribers and more. Easy to subscribe: She's a 'recovering email publisher' who saw the light and kicked the email habit.

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