Free Agent Accountability

Written by Paul Bednar

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4. Have integrity

Don't be a "Yes" person. When you recognize an inappropriate situation, project, or a conflict of interest, do not get involved. A reputation takes a long time to build and a short time to crumble.

5. Have ethics

Follow a code of moral principles and values created by an organization or one that you developed. If you don't stand for something, you don't stand for anything.

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Web Page Statistics Demystified

Written by Alice Seba

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You can have a 1000 visitors, but if no one purchases your product, signs up or asks for more information - you are not achieving your goal. To figure out your success rate take your sales or whatever you want your visitors to do and divide it byrepparttar number of visitors. This will give you a percentage of visitors that are "buying" what you are "selling".** Your goal is to increase this percentage.

2. Pages - Find out which pages people are visiting and which ones they are not. If they are not visiting a particular page - could it be because your visitors are not interested? Perhaps, you just need to fix your navigation to that page. You may want to renamerepparttar 117452 link torepparttar 117453 page. Perhapsrepparttar 117454 title is not attractingrepparttar 117455 right attention.

3. Referrals - Keep track of your advertising campaigns, reciprocal links and search engine referrals. How many referrals are your advertising campaigns or links giving you? If this number is low, there could be a number of factors affecting your success. It could be that this isrepparttar 117456 wrong place to advertise or perhaps your ad copy needs a bit of tweaking.

4. Keywords - This is an invaluable resource. This tells you how people are finding your site onrepparttar 117457 search engines. It helps you findrepparttar 117458 keywords you score high on so that you can maximize on them.

I recommend takingrepparttar 117459 keywords listed in your stats and checking your ranking on them at free rank checking service at

Capitalize on these keywords. Make sure they appear inrepparttar 117460 titles of your relevant pages and that they are inrepparttar 117461 text body of these pages. Also ensure these keywords are in your meta tags.

Inrepparttar 117462 end, don't take your statistics too literally. However, do takerepparttar 117463 time to read through them and analyzerepparttar 117464 general trends they are showing you. They can provide an invaluable resource for you inrepparttar 117465 development of your site and business.

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