Fraud - Museum of Civilization (?)

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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'Scientist', 'Daily Mail', 'The National Post', 'Fortean Magazine', etc. Thus they lied! If there had been proof of an indigenous pottery industry it would still exist, wouldn't it? Eleven years later these publications maderepparttar point about NO other connection except Jomon, Japan. Some gave lots of other evidence of Chinese and Asian travels torepparttar 143491 Americas by boat. So, why did they lie? How can you accept any academic caught in such a lie? Didrepparttar 143492 white man actually plan an invasion using biological warfare likerepparttar 143493 Mongols used against them? Did they know full wellrepparttar 143494 paradise and citizens of North and South America would not accept their materialistic and devilish ways? Yes, they knew aboutrepparttar 143495 Americas for at least two thousand five hundred years - in some circles. There is lots of ancient authorship from credible sources. There never were any serious mariners who traveled far that boughtrepparttar 143496 'Flat Earth' theory.

You must start thinking about whether our nations have any leg to stand on when they sit at war crimes trials today. You must think aboutrepparttar 143497 situation that allows it to continue throughoutrepparttar 143498 world. We will continue to give you lots of food for such thought. The science of engineers and art historians with forensic tools of today, was something Pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia) couldn't imagine when he decided to splitrepparttar 143499 world in half in order to spreadrepparttar 143500 Inquisition. Their success was well planned and they knew what they were doing. We will prove that, for sure.

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Steel Tubing Tariffs Prove that NAFTA Still Needs Work

Written by Kaitlin Carruth

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The greatest controversy is that trade has not really become more fair at all with NAFTA but has even possibly become more unfair. For instance, it is being argued that while trying to stimulate and protect trade in North America, NAFTA is inhibiting trade with other countries such as China. Another problem is it looks as if growth is occurring only inrepparttar northern states of Mexico with little effect inrepparttar 143391 southern states. The trade agreement has been blamed forrepparttar 143392 increased concentration of wealth inrepparttar 143393 United States and Mexico inrepparttar 143394 last ten years. While Mexico's overall economy has picked up since NAFTA, it appears thatrepparttar 143395 richer are getting richer whilerepparttar 143396 poor are getting poorer. The workers in Mexico have experienced a 20% decrease in pay sincerepparttar 143397 implementation of NAFTA. It seems that NAFTA is helping out corporations without helpingrepparttar 143398 people.

As seen fromrepparttar 143399 recent steel tubing example, NAFTA still has a lot of room for improvement. We need to be aware ofrepparttar 143400 term "free trade" and know that this means that products cannot be dumped to other countries like steel tubing to Mexico. Because of this dumping,repparttar 143401 country has to compensate with tariffs and this brings us even farther away from free trade. Whilerepparttar 143402 intention of NAFTA to stimulaterepparttar 143403 North American economy is a good cause, it has to be done inrepparttar 143404 right way. We cannot sacrificerepparttar 143405 people's well being forrepparttar 143406 sake ofrepparttar 143407 economy. Revisions to NAFTA need to be created to ensure that free trade will exist betweenrepparttar 143408 countries.

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