Frames and Search Engines

Written by Sumantra Roy

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Furthermore, you should also place a link torepparttar page containing your navigation links inrepparttar 141628 NOFRAMES tag. This ensures thatrepparttar 141629 search engines are able to spiderrepparttar 141630 internal pages in your site.

One problem that occurs when you use frames is thatrepparttar 141631 search engines may often display one ofrepparttar 141632 internal pages in your site in response to a query.

If this internal page does not contain a link torepparttar 141633 home page of your site,repparttar 141634 user will be unable to navigate through your entire site. The solution, of course, is to add a link torepparttar 141635 home page from that internal page.

Whenrepparttar 141636 visitor clicks on that link, she is brought withinrepparttar 141637 context ofrepparttar 141638 frames.

However, simply adding a link torepparttar 141639 home page presents yet another problem.

Ifrepparttar 141640 visitor had already been viewing that page withinrepparttar 141641 context ofrepparttar 141642 frames and then clicks onrepparttar 141643 link torepparttar 141644 home page, a new set of frames will be created in addition torepparttar 141645 frames already being used. I

n order to solve this problem, you have to userepparttar 141646 TARGET = "_top" command inrepparttar 141647 link, i.e.repparttar 141648 HTML code forrepparttar 141649 link would be something like

Go to our home page

Wrapping things up:

As I mentioned earlier, there is also an advantage to using frames. Since most Internet users are now using frames enabled browsers, it means that not many people are going to know what's present in your NOFRAMES tag.

This allows yourepparttar 141650 repeat your keywords a few more times inrepparttar 141651 NOFRAMES than what you could have done if you were writing a page which humans would also see (of course, don't repeatrepparttar 141652 keywords too many times - that can cause your web site to be penalized for spamming).

You can also avoid using tables, graphics etc. which you would otherwise need to use if humans would also view that page.

However, it is debatable whether this small advantage is sufficient to justify using frames.

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WYSIWYG Versus Coding: HTML With A Purpose

Written by Jim D. Ray

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Coding your web site by hand not only allows for broadened aesthetic possibilities, but also provides greater flexibility for ensuring your site is optimized for search engine results and display compatibility.

Additional benefits of hand-coded HTML include:

* Wider range of design options such as of tables and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) * Faster page load, by reducing excess code generated by many WYSIWYG editors * Increased compatibility with future expansion needs of your site, including forms, mini-applications (often referred to as scripts), and e-commerce features

On Second Thought

Ifrepparttar thought of developing your own web site sounds overwhelming, delegatingrepparttar 141520 project to a third-party design firm may berepparttar 141521 best choice. It’s okay to stay focused on what makes you money – supplying your products or services – and allow others to compliment your business with their expertise.

There are many local and national design firms that specialize in web design for particular needs, such as small business or organizational web sites. Hiringrepparttar 141522 right web design firm can bring your business to a whole new level; be sure to perform thorough research, and compare service providers before choosingrepparttar 141523 right design partner for your business or organization.

Jim D. Ray is a seasoned web developer and president of Web Presence, a national web design firm exclusively serving the small business market sector. To learn more, or for a free quote for your own web site, visit the Web Presence web site at

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