Foxtail Grass Dangerous to Dogs

Written by Marilyn Pokorney

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Foxtail seeds are very tiny so veterinarians usually go by symptoms.

If inrepparttar nasal cavity,repparttar 140337 dog sneezes repeatedly and violently often hittingrepparttar 140338 nose onrepparttar 140339 floor. If a bloody discharge is noticed assume it's a foxtail seed.

If inrepparttar 140340 eye,repparttar 140341 dog paws atrepparttar 140342 eye andrepparttar 140343 eye waters. If an eye is glued shut it is most likely a foxtail seed.

Ifrepparttar 140344 seed is inrepparttar 140345 earrepparttar 140346 dog shakes its head violently from side to side. Sometimesrepparttar 140347 dog paws arepparttar 140348 eyes or ear, shakingrepparttar 140349 head and squints.

Inrepparttar 140350 mouth foxtail seeds can cause gagging or difficulty swallowing. Ifrepparttar 140351 seed gets caught betweenrepparttar 140352 teeth, inrepparttar 140353 gums, back of throat, or tongue problems can result.

Ifrepparttar 140354 seed lodges inrepparttar 140355 paw or underrepparttar 140356 coat a lump will form that is painful torepparttar 140357 touch. Other symptoms include rubbingrepparttar 140358 head onrepparttar 140359 ground and going round in circles, licking or biting atrepparttar 140360 rectum or other body parts, or yelping or shining for no obvious reason.

Foxtail seeds can cause fatalities when they reach internal organs.

In any case, do not attempt to treatrepparttar 140361 animal yourself. Get professional help.

Get rid of all foxtail in your lawn or yard. If foxtail grows in your yard mowrepparttar 140362 grass often, especially in late spring whenrepparttar 140363 plant grows most rapidly. This preventsrepparttar 140364 plant from ever setting seed.

Avoid parks, or other recreational areas where you know foxtail grows.

Always brush and inspect your dogs coat after being in grassy areas. Dogs with long hair are even more likely to attractrepparttar 140365 seeds than shorthaired breeds.

Examine your dogs eyes and ears.

For more information on how to control foxtail:

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Is RecoveryPets.Com All That Its Cracked Up To Be?

Written by Thaddeus Collins

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Now lets look at a different scenario,repparttar pet is still found byrepparttar 140255 stranger five miles away but they seerepparttar 140256 RecoveryPets.Com pet tag. The finder logs on torepparttar 140257 Internet and entersrepparttar 140258 pets’ unique id number intorepparttar 140259 Found Pet field onrepparttar 140260 website. The pet owners contact information is instantly displayed with phone numbers and email addresses, and within thirty minutesrepparttar 140261 pet is reunited with its owner. The underlying problem is thatrepparttar 140262 first scenario happens way more often thatrepparttar 140263 latter, so now these pet owners are saying, “Thatrepparttar 140264 services of RecoveryPets.Com are more than they are cracked up to be!”

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