Fourth of July Safety

Written by Jill Nelson

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Glow sticks are very popular. Like other products, it hasrepparttar potential to become very dangerous if not used properly. Although, glow sticks have very low potential of catching fire, glow sticks can create hazards ifrepparttar 140932 plastic is punctured or torn. The chemicals used in glow sticks can cause irritation torepparttar 140933 skin and if consumed orally can become very harmful. If this does occur, dispose ofrepparttar 140934 glow stick immediately. Wash your hands (or any other part ofrepparttar 140935 body which may have been exposed torepparttar 140936 chemicals) with soap and water. If any part ofrepparttar 140937 glow stick is consumed orally, see a doctor and callrepparttar 140938 US National Poison Helpline immediately at 1-800-222-1222. If a pet has ingestedrepparttar 140939 chemical, callrepparttar 140940 US Animal Poison Helpline at 1-800-213-6800. For more information on glow sticks and glow stick safety, check out

Whatever you decide to do forrepparttar 140941 Fourth of July holiday make sure to have fun, be safe and respectrepparttar 140942 people around you.

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Play N Party Drug: Crystal Meth

Written by Steve Clark

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•2 per cent had used crystal meth.

•1 per cent had used heroin.

Effects of Crystal Meth

“Crystal meth is an amphetamine drug that both stimulates and disinhibits, and like all amphetamines it can increase your heart rate, increase your blood pressure, raise your body temperature and cause seizures. Viagra dilates your blood vessels, andrepparttar overall stress on your heart from combining these drugs can put a dangerous strain on your heart, increasing your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.” For HIV Positive, it’s thought, meth use carries other health risks. Doctors are concerned that crystal meth’s interaction with HAART could result in an accidental meth overdose.

HIV positive meth users become ill more quickly than they would have otherwise, take longer to recover from infections and respond poorly to HIV treatments.

Crystal use has already had serious consequences forrepparttar 140844 US gay community and is all too rapidly spreading throughrepparttar 140845 UK. It has been around for a while, but with new drugs like Viagra overcoming crystal’s tendency to make you temporarily impotent, despite being horny, it’s never been more popular. Meth users experience a feeling of exhilaration, alertness and heightened sexual desire.

US call it PNP (Party ‘n Play), inrepparttar 140846 UK we call it ‘chem sex’, but it meansrepparttar 140847 same - taking drugs to enhance 1-2-1 or group sex. Crystal meth already hasrepparttar 140848 ability to disinhibit and increase sexual desire; add other drugs intorepparttar 140849 mix and invite real trouble. “Crystal meth makes people horny but it also makes it difficult to get a hard on,” says Dr Gavin Yamey, senior editor of US medical journal PloS Medicine. “That’s why some crystal meth users also take Viagra.”

Gay men mix Viagra with crystal meth, in addition to other party drugs, at circuit parties, according to a study byrepparttar 140850 federal Centers for Disease Control

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