Fourth Of July Safety

Written by Jill Nelson

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Glow sticks are very popular. Like other products, it hasrepparttar potential to become very dangerous if not used properly. Although, glow sticks have very low potential of catching fire, glow sticks can create hazards ifrepparttar 141110 plastic is punctured or torn. The chemicals used in glow sticks can cause irritation torepparttar 141111 skin and if consumed orally can become very harmful. If this does occur, dispose ofrepparttar 141112 glow stick immediately. Wash your hands (or any other part ofrepparttar 141113 body which may have been exposed torepparttar 141114 chemicals) with soap and water. If any part ofrepparttar 141115 glow stick is consumed orally, see a doctor and callrepparttar 141116 US National Poison Helpline immediately at 1-800-222-1222. If a pet has ingestedrepparttar 141117 chemical, callrepparttar 141118 US Animal Poison Helpline at 1-800-213-6800. For more information on glow sticks and glow stick safety, check out

Whatever you decide to do forrepparttar 141119 Fourth of July holiday make sure to have fun, be safe and respectrepparttar 141120 people around you.

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Bankruptcy - is it a good option

Written by Joe L.Golson

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You might be able to eliminate your debt, butrepparttar effects emotionally andrepparttar 141078 effect on your personal life will last for many years to come. Consider applying for a terrific job after you have filed bankruptcy. These days, employers will run a credit report to determine how you faired financially. This will effect whetherrepparttar 141079 employer will give you that dream job or not. Even if you do getrepparttar 141080 job and your employer later runs a credit report on you, you will still have to explainrepparttar 141081 bankruptcy. While employers can't fire you because of a bad credit report, they can certainly limit your future promotions.

Future purchases are affected as well; after several years, you may opt to purchase a home. If you're in sufficient shape at that point to qualify for a mortgage, you'll pay a higher interest rate thanrepparttar 141082 average consumer who has never filed for bankruptcy. Assume you want to purchase a $100,000 house a few years after filing bankruptcy. You make a $10,000 down payment. This will result in applying for an $80,000 mortgage. While your "good credit" neighbor would obtain an interest rate of 4.5%, you would get a rate of 7%. While it seems thatrepparttar 141083 extra 2.5% difference is not bad for having filed bankruptcy inrepparttar 141084 past, it's what you will pay monthly where you will feelrepparttar 141085 pinch. That extra 2.5% on a mortgage will increase your monthly payment by $200 per month withrepparttar 141086 total of your payments reaching more than $70,000 overrepparttar 141087 30-year life ofrepparttar 141088 mortgage.

Besides being a devastating blow to your credit, a bankruptcy can also be a very stressful and embarrassing decision to continually have to explain to every potential lender. If you have no choice, then you should proceed, understandingrepparttar 141089 consequences. However,repparttar 141090 majority of people who take this method of debt elimination don't know what they're getting themselves into orrepparttar 141091 consequences thereafter. They are desperate, and they get talked into filing bankruptcy byrepparttar 141092 collectors or attorney without understandingrepparttar 141093 impact on their financial future.

Keep in mind that personal bankruptcies are usually unnecessary as there are better options available. Many people are forced, against their wishes, to file bankruptcy to protect themselves from aggressive creditor tactics or attorney. Ultimately, bankruptcy still means failure to employers and creditors.

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