Four steps to attracting more good luck

Written by David Leonhardt

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The Luck Factor is everything that a psychology book should be. It details research conducted byrepparttar author, as well as research from numerous other psychologists. Many ofrepparttar 126240 experiments Dr. Wiseman referenced were already familiar to me, as I had referenced them in my own book, Climb your Stairway to Heaven:repparttar 126241 9 habits of maximum happiness.

Atrepparttar 126242 same time, Dr. Wiseman makesrepparttar 126243 psychological research completely accessible torepparttar 126244 average reader, both throughrepparttar 126245 use of plain language and by making his points through quizzes and visual puzzles.

I give this book a rare ten out of ten, and predict it could berepparttar 126246 best self-help/psychology book of 2003. I can't think of any reason not to buy this book immediately.

David Leonhardt is The Happy Guy, author of "Climb your Stairway to Heaven: the 9 habits of maximum happiness". Read more self-help book reviews at in the Self-actualization Resource Center, or sign up for his free online Happy Class.

Fire Up Your Enthusiasm!

Written by Donald Schnell

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Stay inrepparttar Now

Affirmations are more effective when stated inrepparttar 126239 present tense. For example; "I now have a wonderful job." Avoid affirming something inrepparttar 126240 future tense, e.g. "I am going to have a wonderful job" orrepparttar 126241 results will always be waiting to happen.

Userepparttar 126242 “Power of Positive Thinking”

Please create your affirmations withrepparttar 126243 most positive words that you can while avoiding negative statements. Affirm what you do want, rather than what you don't want. For example; "I don't want to smoke." This is a negative statement. Instead affirm; "I now enjoy being a nonsmoker." This statement is a more powerful expression because it is dynamically positive and reinforces your desired goal.

KISS: Keep it Simple and Specific

Short affirmations are easy to say, and have a far greater impact at a subconscious level than those which are long and wordy. Keeping them specific and torepparttar 126244 point adds power asrepparttar 126245 idea is uncluttered by elements.

Repeat your affirmation frequently

The importance of repetition cannot be overemphasized. It imprintsrepparttar 126246 affirmation into your subconscious mind.

Make them Emotional

Get involved, be passionate, use your emotions. Think carefully aboutrepparttar 126247 meaning ofrepparttar 126248 words as you repeat them rather than typing or saying them.

Don't be a Quitter

Continued effort allows you to achieve results much sooner than practicing affirmations sporadically.

Why not take 7 minutes and begin to identify one area of your life that needs improving? Think of an appropriate affirmation and then begin to use it throughout your day.

Enthusiastically yours,

Donald Schnell

******************************************** Dr. Donald Schnell co- founded with Marilyn Diamond of Fit For Life, the Spiritual Java Diet Coaching Program, that is transforming thousands. The New Spiritual Diet, Incredible Value, One on One coaching Amazing Results. or email: Donald Schnell is the author of The Initiation. Free Motivational Newsletter, The Buzz

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