Four Voices

Written by Daniel N Brown

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These arerepparttar four voices that we constantly hear and which voice we obey is based on our ability to discern. Obviously, we want to obeyrepparttar 144306 voice of God if we are going to enjoy a successful life.

Most of us tend to live onrepparttar 144307 shallow surface where our physical senses, thoughts, feelings, desires, and emotions are constantly being stimulated by worldly, carnal, fleshly ways. Because of this, we are not able to hear from God and be led by His Spirit, leaving ourselves wide open to fall forrepparttar 144308 many deceptions ofrepparttar 144309 devil.

So, how do we hear from God and be led by His Spirit? Well, that's next week's article. For now, just realize there are always three very loud voices screaming for your attention and only one still, small voice, which isrepparttar 144310 Holy Spirit of God, wanting to lead you inrepparttar 144311 way you should go.

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Making Decisions

Written by Judi Singleton

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Build four scenarios based onrepparttar principal forces. To do this, use information available to you to identify four plausible and qualitatively different possibilities for each force. Assemblerepparttar 144268 alternatives for each force into internally consistent 'stories', with both a narrative and a table of forces and scenarios. Build your scenarios around these forces. For instance health care is getting so high priced that people are going to start using more alternative medicine. Scenario story lines emerged for 'As at present', 'Heated', 'Belt Tightening' and 'Isolation'. Withrepparttar 144269 scenarios in hand, identify business opportunities within each scenario. Examinerepparttar 144270 links and synergies of opportunities acrossrepparttar 144271 range of scenarios. This would help you to formulate a more realistic strategy for investment. Scenarios are developed specifically for a particular problem. To begin developing scenarios:

Staterepparttar 144272 specific decision that needs to be made. Identifyrepparttar 144273 major environmental forces that impact onrepparttar 144274 decision. For example, suppose you need to decide how to invest R & D funds in order to be positioned for opportunities that might emerge byrepparttar 144275 year 2010. The major environmental forces might include social values, economic growth world-wide and international trade access (tariffs etc.).

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