Four Tips to Draw Traffic to Your Web Site

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“We have hundreds of articles in more than a dozen topic areas available,” says Josh Madigan, product manager of Content Infusion. “The beauty ofrepparttar service is you can pick and choose which categories are most appropriate for your site. Older articles are automatically removed, and new ones are added each week.”

* Search Engines

Getting your site recognized byrepparttar 131699 major search engines is another good step to take. The first thing you should do is make sure your site is search engine optimized, meaningrepparttar 131700 pages contain keyword rich titles and text. A good title containsrepparttar 131701 most relevant keywords, describes what your site is about, and is less than 80 characters long. Keywords should also appear withinrepparttar 131702 body ofrepparttar 131703 text, but don’t overdo it. The search engines will penalize you for excessive key wording. Once you think your site is ready, submit your site address or URL torepparttar 131704 top search engines and directories onrepparttar 131705 Web: Google, Yahoo and Netscape, and in no time, traffic will likely pick up.

* Traffic Networks

Another way to bring people to your site is by joining a traffic network like Traffic Swarm. All you have to do to join is log on to , enter some basic information aboutrepparttar 131706 site or sites you want to promote -- a Category,repparttar 131707 URL, a Title, and a Description, andrepparttar 131708 information will be used to generate targeted links to your site, which are then displayed throughoutrepparttar 131709 Traffic Swarm network. A basic listing on this network is free. The beauty of traffic networks is that they bring traffic that is targeted to your primary audience.

* Adding Links

Adding links to your site is another way to grow your traffic. Some webmasters simply searchrepparttar 131710 web and then e-mail related sites asking for a link swap, but this method can be time consuming. An easier way to do it is to search for web directories with similar businesses already onboard and join. Some sites will charge a fee forrepparttar 131711 privilege, butrepparttar 131712 majority of them are free.

“A Website’s ability to target and capture an audience is crucial to its success. It is audience retention that gives you a forum to further market, sell to and communicate with members ofrepparttar 131713 community you’ve created,” adds Madigan.

To sign up forrepparttar 131714 free service offered by Content Infusion, log on to and followrepparttar 131715 prompts.


The importance of feedback in improving your sales, site and software.

Written by Michael Wall

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Provide a feedback form Make sure you provide a feedback form and not just an email link. Feedback forms will encourage your visitors to provide feedback more than just a simple email link. With a feedback form you are letting your visitors know that you want them to provide you with feedback and that you will listen to their comments and perhaps even act on them. Makerepparttar form as attractive as possible, use drop down boxes, radio buttons and try not to makerepparttar 131696 form too long and difficult to fill in. Don’t ask too many personal details, an email address and a contact name may suffice in most cases. You may want to validaterepparttar 131697 form so that you get a proper email address and name. If you sell products provide an easy drop down menu of those products or a department within your company thatrepparttar 131698 email will be sent to. Also make sure there’s a thank you after submission to letrepparttar 131699 visitor know thatrepparttar 131700 submission was successful and provide a time scale message such as “a member of our support team will be in contact with you withinrepparttar 131701 next 24 hours”. You may also want to remindrepparttar 131702 visitor of your business hours.

Other feedback suggestions A forum can be another way to gain feedback and suggestions. Perhaps having a forum category called ‘site suggestions’ or ‘product suggestions’ would be a good addition to your site. Another good way to gain feedback is in your payment processing. If you sell products you’ll know that sometimes visitors cancel their purchase just atrepparttar 131703 last minute This can be puzzling. PayPal allows you to redirectrepparttar 131704 user back to a personalised page so why not allowrepparttar 131705 user to provide you with feedback as to why they abortedrepparttar 131706 purchase. This could be valuable information, perhaps they feltrepparttar 131707 payment process was too cumbersome and long and if so you may decide to change to a different payment company. Providing ready written options such as “the payment process was too long and complicated” that have an accompanying checkbox might make it easier forrepparttar 131708 visitors rather than them simply having to fill in a feedback box. Other ideas might be to use review or rating software that will let you visitors perhaps rate a page or application and write reviews.

Employing some or all of these methods can certainly help you get feedback. In turn this feedback will help you provide a better site or software andrepparttar 131709 best thing of all is that this feedback doesn’t cost!

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Michael Wall is the founder of Codefixer is an ASP resource site aimed primarily at the beginner to intermediate ASP developer. Codefixer also offers ASP membership management software and solutions.

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