Four Things Every Writer Needs to Do to Make a Full-time Living from Their Writing

Written by Jinger Jarrett

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You can do this by adding a subscription box to your web site. You can offer product updates, short articles or reviews, information on trends in your field, or any other valuable information you think your customers can use.

You can also offer contests, or a valuable free premium to your customers to get feedback.

This is alsorepparttar easiest way to promote your products because you have a list of people who are interested in what you have to say.

3. Pay Per Click Search Engines. This is a relatively new trend, but it can provide you a way to get more targeted traffic to your business.

Pay per clicks will provide you more targeted traffic than standard search engines and directories because you have more control over your keywords and ranking. Many will get you started for free.

You can download a copy of 47,200 Hits for Free, and excellent free ebook that will show you how to get started using pay per clicks.

4. Joint ventures. This is another method of traffic generation frequently used by top Internet marketers writers should be using.

A joint venture is where you find a newsletter publisher and have him/her promote your product in his/her ezine. The publisher get a percentage ofrepparttar 129287 sales made from advertising your product.

It is similar to affiliate marketing, but there are other steps involved to creating a successful joint venture.

You'll want to offer publishers a deal they can't refuse. Give them a free copy ofrepparttar 129288 product but include plenty of bonuses. Make it as easy as possible forrepparttar 129289 publishers to accept your offer.

If you followrepparttar 129290 steps above, implementing one step per week, in four weeks, you will have a complete marketing strategy.

The most important thing you should remember is to test everything you do, including headlines, body copy, ad placement, etc. Get rid of anything that doesn't work, and zero in on your market.

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Do Not Sell in the Resource Box!

Written by David McKenzie

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2. A free ebook download. Promote your product via links throughoutrepparttar ebook. Also, offerrepparttar 129285 email course inrepparttar 129286 ebook as well.

3. An ezine packed with valuable content published either weekly, twice a month or monthly. Then promote your product with ezine ads throughout each issue. But make sure you do not go overboard with ezine ads. Generally,repparttar 129287 fewerrepparttar 129288 better.

The resource box is an invaluable marketing tool but is often used for making direct sales.

However, my own research has shown that by providing offers throughrepparttar 129289 resource box rather thanrepparttar 129290 product itself, your sales will actually increase.

Inrepparttar 129291 resource box provide an offer for readers to take further action.

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