Four Steps to Writing a Newsworthy Press Release

Written by Dana Victoria Sophia

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3. Composerepparttar body of your press release. A short (3-4 paragraphs), newsworthy press release will grabrepparttar 101034 attention of editors, which will in turn get you publicity-and for onlyrepparttar 101035 cost of emailing, faxing or mailingrepparttar 101036 release. The release has to highlightrepparttar 101037 uniqueness of your business-what differentiates you from your competitors. If you can't think of a unique thing about your company-wait until you can before you send outrepparttar 101038 release.

Here are a few newsworthy topics to write about in your release:1. Grand Opening/Re-Opening of your business, e.g. an interesting story about why/how you started your company andrepparttar 101039 target market of your business.2. The results of a recent survey your company created, e.g. providerepparttar 101040 results ofrepparttar 101041 survey torepparttar 101042 news media.3. Tie Your Company to an Upcoming Holiday, e.g. a company that makes Hawaiian lays in National Luau month or if you work at home and it's Home Based Business week. 4. A strategic partnership that your company has formed: e.g. Annabelle's Organic Baby Food has formed an alliance with Shannon's Baby Gift Baskets.5. Include a short, concise company profile or business owner bio atrepparttar 101043 bottom ofrepparttar 101044 release. Ifrepparttar 101045 editors have never heard about your company, this isrepparttar 101046 place to give them some additional background information or to give them your standard company description.

After writing your release, edit it and re-edit it. Get rid of words that are not necessary. Make surerepparttar 101047 sentences are easy to read and even easier to understand. Use strong and lively words in your release.

Format your press release to be double-spaced on one page and atrepparttar 101048 end ofrepparttar 101049 release type "# # #" sorepparttar 101050 editors know they have reachedrepparttar 101051 end of your press release. Remember when you distributerepparttar 101052 press release to only distribute it to publications whererepparttar 101053 readers would be interested in your subject and make surerepparttar 101054 release is real news and not an advertisement.

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7 Tips For Ad Copy That Sizzles

Written by Ruth Duda

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4) Compel Your Reader to Take Immediate Action.

Entice your reader to act now, by using phrases such as: "Limited Time", "Order Today", "Visit Now", "Don`t Delay."

5) Never Use All Caps.

Using all capital letters in your ad, makes it difficult to read, and looks amateurish. Use capital letters for emphasis ONLY.

6) Proofread and Spell Check Your Ad.

This will help you to avoid mistakes. Nothing looks less professional, than ads that have spelling errors.

7) Don't Forget Your Contact Information.

Whenever possible include both your email address AND your URL. Including your email address encourages your prospect to ask questions. The follow-up can makerepparttar difference between a sale and no sale!

Test, Test, and Re-test Your Ad. If your ad doesn't bringrepparttar 101033 results you want, changerepparttar 101034 headline, change your ad copy. Refine and polish your ad until you get it just right. The better your ad copy ...the better your results. Takerepparttar 101035 time make that ad copy sizzle!

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