Four Simple Steps to Improve Your Sales Copy

Written by Jennifer Stewart

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"Acme widgets achieve faster results because we incorporate not one, but two gizmos. In controlled tests conducted by XYZ, our widgets consistently out-performedrepparttar competition in speed, accuracy and endurance."

3. "Why should I believe you?" Give reassurance This isrepparttar 127464 time to give some details about you and your Company, provide information about your credentials, qualifications and experience inrepparttar 127465 field. Now you can also include brief testimonials from satisfied customers (provide as much information to identifyrepparttar 127466 customers as they're willing to allow anonymous testimonials are almost worthless).

4. "What if I don't like it?" Eliminaterepparttar 127467 risk The final stumbling block is usuallyrepparttar 127468 fear of losing their money if they don't likerepparttar 127469 product or find its not what they expected, so offer your customers an iron-clad guarantee.

It can be a full refund, a double riple money back or whatever you feel you can afford. Always include a time factor -repparttar 127470 longerrepparttar 127471 better - people like to know you'll be around forrepparttar 127472 long-haul.

Incorporate these answers in your sales copy to help turn your readers into buyers.

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Integrity In Business-The Secret To Increased Sales

Written by Bob Davies

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If an individual had set a smaller, more realistic goal, then they would still maintain hope, andrepparttar chance to be successful and honor principle #1, I do what I said I would do. This goes against accepted ways of being such as, I should set big goals. Iím not against setting stretch goals. I simply request that you also give a bottom line that you give your word you will achieve no matter what. Try it!

Core principle #2: I canít do it by myself. I am far better off as a part of a team than I can ever be alone.

Elite performers will never argue with this. They know that they must surround themselves with others. By doing so they createrepparttar 127463 atmosphere where learning, discovery, clarity, and accountability can occur.

Thy this simple experiment. Take thirty seconds and write down as many green vegetables as you can think of. Next, get a partner, and together, come up with one list of green vegetables in thirty seconds. In almost 100% ofrepparttar 127464 cases, your list will be greater with a partner than it was by yourself.

Core principle #3: Accountability-I amrepparttar 127465 source of all that I experience.

The opposite of this principle is blaming. This principle is a source of strength for people. It doesnít allow them to become a victim. This principle embracesrepparttar 127466 concept that human beings are very powerful at creating results in their own lives. These may be dysfunctional results however! Someone who is thirty pounds overweight has created a miracle of a result. How would they know how to regulate their intake and expenditure to gain thirty pounds. They are exactly where they are in their weight because that is exactly what their point of view supports. We are very powerful at manifesting our dominating thoughts.

Likewise, someone who has financial difficulties has exactly what they should have given their current financial point of view. If they want to have different results, it is not what is going on around them,repparttar 127467 environment, repparttar 127468 marketplace, etc. The answer lies in their own dysfunctional point of view. If they want to changerepparttar 127469 results they are experiencing, they must first change their point of view. After all, they arerepparttar 127470 source of all that they experience.

How do you change your point of view? That is actually a simple process. Decide first what you want. Next, what do you need to do to have what you want. Then, what will you do overrepparttar 127471 next seven days. This declaration needs to be very specific, observable and measurable.

The process is not complete until you have a structure for accountability in place. This must come from someone outside of yourself. Another person is needed to hold you accountable and to check back with you atrepparttar 127472 end ofrepparttar 127473 week to see if you actually did what you said you would do.

This isrepparttar 127474 elite performance system that I have traveled throughoutrepparttar 127475 United States and abroad teaching with tremendous results for all of those individuals who were not satisfied with who they were or what their accomplishments were in life. For those who wanted to be more fulfilled in their health, business and personal lives, this isrepparttar 127476 formula.

Try it on. Make a specific declaration to another person and then set out to execute forrepparttar 127477 next seven days. Design some type of a reward or punishment with that person and watch how your perception shifts. Now, because you have this dynamic of accountability in your life, instead of just seeing how busy you are and all ofrepparttar 127478 reasons why you canít do what you said you would do, you will seerepparttar 127479 opportunities to handle whatever comes your way and still honor what you said you would do.

Put one week after another together like this and you will have a miracle and magical year. Good luck!

Bob Davies is an internationally known author, speaker and professional coach who rose from poverty to become one of today's most sought-after keynote speakers. He is the author of two books, "The Sky Is Not The Limit-You Are!", and "Coaching For High Performance", as well as several audio and video cassette programs. He can be reached on the web at or by phone at 949-830-9192.

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