Four Problems And Solutions On Feeding Your Newborn

Written by Amy Fadden

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3. Problem: Fussiness of babies while feeding.

Solution: This isrepparttar frequent problem faced by most ofrepparttar 146407 mothers. Your baby may be crying because of many reasons, e.g., a burp ready to come up, you might have no more milk left in your breast or your baby may be full. Thus, stoprepparttar 146408 feeding and make your baby burp. Thereafter, offerrepparttar 146409 second breast to your baby if she appears to be hungry. If your baby is bottle-fed, followrepparttar 146410 same process, i.e., interrupt feeding and make your baby burp at least twice or thrice while feeding.

4. Problem: Lactose Intolerance (inability to digest lactose) to baby. Some babies are unable to digestrepparttar 146411 sugar lactose, which is in cow's milk formulas. They are said to be lactose intolerant. Symptoms of lactose intolerance may include excessive gas, abdominal swelling and pain, and diarrhea.

Solution: If you are breastfeeding, alternate it with lactose free formula as breast milk contains appreciable amount of lactose. Secondly, avoid taking dairy products, as they are likely to enhance lactose levels of breast milk you produce. Thirdly, try to finish one breast before offeringrepparttar 146412 second to your baby. By doing so, your baby will get more of hind milk, which is richer in fat and help cure diarrhea seen in lactose intolerant babies. Finally, a potential solution to this problem may also be switching over to soy-based infant formula, or other special lactose-free formula, several of which are commercially available.

Amy Fadden, author of "Newborn Guide, Nursing A Baby in Its First Month." She said, bringing a baby into the world should be one of the most exciting and rewarding times of your life. Visit her Website at

Five Ready Signs To Start Potty Training

Written by Janice Caller

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4. Shows an Interest inrepparttar Bathroom or Toilet

This isrepparttar 146406 big koruna of all ready signs. The big earthquake so to speak. If your child is curious aboutrepparttar 146407 bathroom or toilet, then heís ready to learn how to use it. Is he curious about how it flushes? Well, thatís because he wants to know how that giant white chair works. Why does it make that sound? Itís a noise like no other. Heís not being bad when you have to drag him out ofrepparttar 146408 toilet. He wants to know whatrepparttar 146409 toilet is. He wants to know how it works. He is ready, ready, and ready for potty training.

5. Stays Dry Overnight & During Naps

This is a hard readiness sign to understand. If you child staying dry overnights and at naptime that isrepparttar 146410 sign that he is ready for potty training. In any event, your child is ready if he displays this sign.

Now, does your child exhibit any two of these ready signs? If so, then get ready to do your potty training. You will never know those signs if you are not pay attention to their reaction.

Janice Caller, author of "A Parent's Guide to Toddling, From Diapers to the Pot." She successfully potty trained her four children. Visit her Website at

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