Four Models of Successful Internet Business Sites!

Written by Stuart E. Elwell

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One ofrepparttar biggest advantages of this web business model is you don't necessarily have to pay for any advertising. A good press release might be all you need, particularly if you are providing something unique. The hard part is coming up with a good idea. But if you can, because you are providing a valuable free service, word of mouth can get round very fast.

Model No.3 - One Product Page

If you have a hot product that you want to sell, then create a good sales page and focus all of your marketing efforts towards bringing that page to people's attention. When you present just one choice at your site, you decrease any distraction which may come from offering multiple alternative pages.

Getting interested people to click through to this web page can produce excellent profits, but this is alsorepparttar 116851 hard part. You will probably have to pay for all of your traffic so a well thought through pay-per-click campaign may be your best choice for this business model.

Model No.4 - Affiliate Programs

A popular website model for new webmasters is to create a site that catalogs many different (but hopefully related) products within their site. To do this you will either need a number of different affiliate programs to sign up with, or you'll need to join an affiliate network such as Commission Junction or Clickbank. These bring a huge number of affiliate programs together - under one roof as it were (i.e. all available throughrepparttar 116852 same intermediate provider).

In order to make this work you have to develop a specialized site. It needs to be an information source primarily, but definitely not a sales pitch. Your visitors will want to be provided with up to date information related to their subject of interest which brought them to your site inrepparttar 116853 first place.

You have an unlimited array of possible subjects to choose from, but you should opt for something that interests yourself very much. This way you'll have no problem deciding what other people withrepparttar 116854 same interest will want to read, learn or talk about.

Within this context you can then have recommended products directly related to whatever you think people will be interested in, so long as it is genuinely related and of value to your readers. If your visitors value your site and are interested in your opinion you will make sales.

The real beauty of developing this kind of site is you can potentially do very well inrepparttar 116855 search engines, and that can provide you with a lot of free traffic. I have provided lots of information to help you with this at my site; . Working your pages around popular keywords is how its done, and when people type these words into their favorite engine, you want your site to come out as closerepparttar 116856 number one spot as possible.

Each of these website business models represents a possible online business for you. Can you integraterepparttar 116857 one which interests yourepparttar 116858 most in with your favorite hobby or pastime? What do you enjoy doingrepparttar 116859 most? What do you like to think about when you haverepparttar 116860 free time. Whatever this is, there's probably a wide audience of people withrepparttar 116861 same interest. Why not build them a website they can visit. You could find it relatively easy to make money atrepparttar 116862 same time.

Best wishes for your future.

Article by: Stuart Elwell, Webmaster for; ...which provides good advice and strategies for making money from the Internet.

Resources for Starting an Online Business

Written by John Lynch

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Some ofrepparttar most active are:

4)Article Submission

Articles are a good way to get free publicity for your business. A well written article can be published in ezines or on a website, thereby giving continuous targeted traffic.

Submit your article to article databanks where publishers and website owners can pick it up and publish it.. has a good list of article databanks where you can submit your articles.


When your website is up and running, you need to check its ranking inrepparttar 116850 search engines andrepparttar 116851 number of sites that link to your site. Although it is not always up to date, it gives a good idea ofrepparttar 116852 amount of traffic and links a site has.

6)Virus/Firewall Protection

You will need to install virus protection and keep it running inrepparttar 116853 background. If you have constant Internet connection, you'll also need to run a firewall program to keep out hackers.



Firewall Protection

This is a personal choice of resources and may not be relevant to everyone's needs. If you have a question about any aspect of building or marketing an online business, you can always post to one ofrepparttar 116854 forums that I have listed above. In most cases, you will get an informative response quickly.

John Lynch

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