Four Major Steps Toward Building an Awesome Music Ministry

Written by By John Pape Jr.

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3) Buildrepparttar house usingrepparttar 127040 right tools

Whenever a carpenter, mason, contractor builds a houserepparttar 127041 success of that project depend on havingrepparttar 127042 right tools to buildrepparttar 127043 house. As someone who uses music to minister torepparttar 127044 people you serve, it is important that you haverepparttar 127045 right tools also. There are several factors that will help improve you presentation and delivery ofrepparttar 127046 message you are responsible to give. You need to be skillful inrepparttar 127047 things you do. Remember it is God who is working through you. God is not mediocre and neither should you. After all you need to realize that Christ dwell in you. Withrepparttar 127048 right tools you can dramatically improve your ministry.

4) Moving intorepparttar 127049 house.

When Solomon's temple was completed andrepparttar 127050 people began to worship and amazing event took place that is nothing short of phenomenal. God's glory filledrepparttar 127051 temple. I truly believe that when God is inrepparttar 127052 midst of our worship it is nothing short of amazing. I think you will agree with me that when everyone is inrepparttar 127053 right frame of mind and heading inrepparttar 127054 same direction, withrepparttar 127055 blessing ofrepparttar 127056 Lord, nothing is impossible. Include havingrepparttar 127057 Creator inhabitrepparttar 127058 praises of His people.

What makes this process better is that it is based on solid Biblical principles. These principles have proven to berepparttar 127059 best way to start and fulfillrepparttar 127060 commission. It is illustrated byrepparttar 127061 awesome task undertaken by Solomon to buildrepparttar 127062 Temple. Scripture further reinforces it. Furthermore, what makes it better is that is simple. Have you ever noticed thatrepparttar 127063 most profound things in life are often rooted is simple easy to understand ideas. I feel that I was blessed to share this information to help buildrepparttar 127064 body of Christ. My vision is to see as many people as possible experiencerepparttar 127065 moment when God's Glory fillsrepparttar 127066 temple. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

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Dear Satan

Written by C R Hamilton

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You only pick on people smaller than you or feeble minded, or sick. You pick on little children, old ladies, and handicapped people. You start vicious rumors and lies about people and withholdrepparttar truth and any compliments about them. You never give anyone a positive report, only evil lies. You are nosy and a gossip; you are confused about your sexuality and you do drugs. You abuse children and molest them; you also steal from people, especiallyrepparttar 127039 trusting ones, or little old ladies onrepparttar 127040 sly. I know you.

You hate happy people and love misery. You especially love money, teach about it, and ask for it allrepparttar 127041 time. You package God’s words and sale them for profit; you threaten people with curses and death and hell if they do not give. That is another reason I know you are no good. You lust after women who have no man and use and confuse them like you did Eve inrepparttar 127042 garden.

Nevertheless, when it comes to a true disciple or apostle of Christ, you had your last laugh when you tricked Judas. The rest of us know who you are. You go to church, pray, and testify inrepparttar 127043 isles; you sing inrepparttar 127044 choir and even preach inrepparttar 127045 pulpit. But I see you anywhere you are. You even haverepparttar 127046 nerve to call yourself an apostle. Saying you’ve been through this and you’ve been through that but you are lying your head off. You are afraid to suffer for Christ sake let alone even wanting to.

You look good and sound good but I know who you are. Soon I will let you know I know, face-to-face. I also know that you are afraid of me because I know and tellrepparttar 127047 truth and you hate me for that. So what, I’m letting everyone know. The main way I know you is because you have no love in you. I know love, God is love, and you are not. Love covers a multitude of sins and forgives them. You remind people of their sin everyday and never forgive them. Then you go and tell other people about someone else’s sins. That is where you slipped.

You went and told God that I was being bad and he looked at you and said “you are a liar, he is good”. So you went and told others that I was no good, you tried to twist God’s words so that they would be misunderstood. Many people believed you but that is OK, as long as God knows where my soul will end up. As for you and those you own See you all on Judgment Day.

Love, The Preacher

C R Hamilton is a published author of CONTENDER: A Defense Against False Prophets and Doctrine and the author of many other articles concerning life, religion, and society.

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