Four Joint Venture Strategies To Quadruple Your Ezine Subscriber Base Over The Next Two Months

Written by Dr. Bill Nieporte

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Most shrewd ezine editors will jump at this chance. It will provide them with a brand new audience for their work (and you too). Don't worry--both of you will be especially motivated to make this issue you best ever--in order to attract more subscribers to your respective list.


On one of my sites I have joined eight other popular ezine publishers in a neat joint venture that has literally doubled my weekly new subscriptions. Whenever a person subscribes to any of these ezines on their respective domain, they are immediately transported to a co-opt page that lists allrepparttar other ezines in this fraternal relationship.


Contests are very popular means of attracting traffic to your site. Recently, however, several ezine editors developed a very creative way to use contests to increase their respective subscriber base.

Combined these editors (who publish what I believe arerepparttar 124421 very best marketing ezine onrepparttar 124422 Internet) could provide over 100,000 powerful ad impressions for one lucky winner. Their strategy was to create a single page where subscribers to register forrepparttar 124423 prize by subscribing to each list.

Next they invited webmasters and other ezine editors to advertise their exclusive subscriber site. Those who advertised would automatically be considered for a special weekly contest drawing. This system is one ofrepparttar 124424 best joint venture arrangements I have ever seen. You can check it out at

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The Magic Number

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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If they receive an email that is wrapped at 80 characters, and they are set for 65, they will get 65 characters onrepparttar first line and 15 onrepparttar 124420 next. The entire article will be presented like this - very distracting.

Almost all mail clients (readers) will display 65 characters per line correctly. There is also less eye movement required usingrepparttar 124421 shorter line, making it easier to read. If this isrepparttar 124422 case, why would anyone consider using a longer line.

If you do not have a sophisticated word processor, "Word Pad" will serverepparttar 124423 purpose. First - set your margins using "Page Setup" underrepparttar 124424 "Files" Tab to .25 inches onrepparttar 124425 left and 1.5 inches onrepparttar 124426 right. Selectrepparttar 124427 "Courier New (Western)" font with a font size of 12. This will give you exactly 65 characters per line. Other margins and font sizes will work, but be sure you are gettingrepparttar 124428 correct number of characters per line.

Now, you can estimate your word count. Figure an average of 9 words per line. There will be short lines and blank lines between paragraphs. If your article is around 80 lines long or less, you should be inrepparttar 124429 ballpark. This article, for example is 56 lines. The actual word count is 506 - close enough? You may vary a bit onrepparttar 124430 actual count, but at least you'll have an idea ofrepparttar 124431 length ofrepparttar 124432 article and be close to that "magic number".

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