Four Golden nuggets of Effective Listening

Written by Eric Plantenberg

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Ask clarifying questions. Many times what we think we heard and whatrepparttar speaker intended to communicate are two different things. By jumping to conclusions or making assumptions, we frequently guess wrong. Often times people find that while they are thinking aboutrepparttar 107950 meaning of past comments they are missing whatrepparttar 107951 person is currently saying. If you are not sure you understand whatrepparttar 107952 person said, make sure to ask a question or two that will clarify their comment. This should be welcomed by whoever is speaking, as it shows you are both listening AND interested in truly understanding what they are saying. Realize that much of communication is non-verbal. It is equally important to listen with your eyes as it is with your ears. By making good eye contact withrepparttar 107953 speaker you will pick up much more ofrepparttar 107954 meaning behind what is being said. Facial expressions, hand gestures, and body language all play a vital role in understandingrepparttar 107955 full message. By actively watchingrepparttar 107956 person speaking, you will also show your engagement and give them more confidence and energy in what they are saying.

Masteringrepparttar 107957 art of listening certainly doesn't happen overnight, so be patient with yourself while you are putting your new skills torepparttar 107958 test, enjoyrepparttar 107959 process, and as always….


Eric is president of Freedom Speakers & Trainers, & an instructor & personal coach on memory, goals, attitude, time management & communication. He is a national know memory trainer that has worked with thousands of companies to enhance their memory. He is co-author of Winning The Name Game, an at home study course that teaches individuals how to remember the names of everyone they meet.

Web Conferencing Tips

Written by Adi Gaskell

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Test your microphone prior torepparttar conference. Jimi Hendrix may have been able to use feedback effectively, it's more likely to deafen your colleagues however and won't getrepparttar 107949 conference off to a good start. If you do get feedback play around withrepparttar 107950 positioning of your speakers and microphone until you findrepparttar 107951 optimum position. Clothing

Your company may be relaxed regarding clothing but try and rememberrepparttar 107952 camera. Bright colours and patterned clothing don't helprepparttar 107953 transmission. Instead try and opt for colours such as blue or grey.


Considerrepparttar 107954 effects of lighting onrepparttar 107955 camera. Up lighting is generally considered best and should be in front ofrepparttar 107956 participants. Also beware of windows inrepparttar 107957 camera shot. If windows are in shot try and use curtains or blinds to preventrepparttar 107958 glare ruiningrepparttar 107959 shot.

Adi is the founder of, a leading provider of Flash based streaming video solutions.

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