Foundation for The Black Woman

Written by Lape Soetan

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Having chosenrepparttar right foundation for your skin colour and type,repparttar 146259 next thing to get to grips with is its application. The most important thing in foundation application is blending. It is essential to blendrepparttar 146260 formula intorepparttar 146261 skin properly. Use a cosmetic sponge or a blending brush to do this. Using a blending brush to apply foundation takes a longer time and requires patience but you use less ofrepparttar 146262 (expensive!) foundation when you use a brush than when you use a sponge. Besides, it is easier to reach awkward areas with brushes and they are easier to keep clean. Using your fingers to apply foundation is not a good idea unless you want to achieve a particular ‘look’ becauserepparttar 146263 application usually ends up uneven and messy.

For greater coverage, diprepparttar 146264 sponge or brush intorepparttar 146265 foundation and make a few dots acrossrepparttar 146266 forehead, downrepparttar 146267 nose, onrepparttar 146268 cheeks and a dot onrepparttar 146269 chin. It is best to work on small areas at a time, so blendrepparttar 146270 foundation acrossrepparttar 146271 forehead first, then downrepparttar 146272 nose, on both cheeks, onrepparttar 146273 chin and pat what is left onrepparttar 146274 sponge or brush ontorepparttar 146275 eyelids. For lighter coverage, apply foundation only onto blemishes and blend properly. Always blend foundation intorepparttar 146276 skin using short, downward strokes. This makes large pores look smaller and encourages fine hairs onrepparttar 146277 face to lie flat givingrepparttar 146278 impression of a smoother, clearer complexion. Finally, ‘set’repparttar 146279 foundation with translucent powder. This makesrepparttar 146280 foundation stay onrepparttar 146281 skin for longer.

The secrets to flawless-looking skin have now been revealed. What foundation school of thought do you belong to?

Lape Soetan is a makeup artist and the Creator of Elsquare Faces, a Makeup Application Service Provider as well as, Nigeria’s first makeup & beauty portal.

The Key to Natural Breast Enhancement

Written by Jason Hulott

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Most of these pills are herbal and made of natural products. These natural products can also have other benefits. Some claim that they can actually help with other health issues, such as protecting against breast cancer or stopping hot flushes, which is a real bonus!

However, when looking for natural breast enhancement, you should still research allrepparttar options thoroughly. For example,repparttar 146109 internet has hundreds upon hundreds of websites claiming to sell breast enhancement programmes. Many of them are a waste of money and sell products which will never work, so researchrepparttar 146110 different products, look at whatrepparttar 146111 pills contain andrepparttar 146112 type of development work that has gone in torepparttar 146113 products byrepparttar 146114 manufacturer, then make a decision from there.

Natural breast enhancement is a way to enhance your breasts with none ofrepparttar 146115 risks involved with surgical procedures, but as with all products, needs careful research first.

Jason is the Editor Of Breast Enhancement Online, a resource for women looking for alternatives to Surgery when it comes to Breast Enhancement. Visit the site and sign up for our free 5 day course to the pros and cons of Breast Enhancement techniques

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