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Written by Sher Matsen

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Revlon Age Defying liquid foundation has great coverage and does not feel heavy. It does have a fragrance which does not go away. May hot berepparttar best choice if your skin is at all oily. By mid day face may tend to feel oily and some experience "zit" outbreaks. It has an SPF of 30. Limited colors. T Leclerc Hydrating Fluid liquid foundation is best applied with a sponge or fingers. Its super thin so you hardly know its there. Comes in 6 shades. It has an SPF of 8. Mousse Foundation Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse is my all time favourite foundation. It gives great coverage but you feel like you've got nothing on. It's lighweight and easy to apply. I find it's best applied with fingers. If your skins a little onrepparttar 150966 dry side apply a moisturizer and thenrepparttar 150967 mousse and it says light weight. It lasts all day and I've never had a break out using this product. It's advertised as a revolutionary whipped formula and that describes its texture perfetly. Available in 10 shades. Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Mousse is easy to apply and it never looks cakey or thick. Good coverage for such a sheer foundation. Great for dry skin. If you have oily or dry skin you may find yourself oily by mid day. I must sayrepparttar 150968 smell can be a little harsh. If your at all sensative to smells have a whiff before buying. Dermatologist, clinically, allergy tested. Recommended for all skin types, except extra-oily. Erno Laszlo Absolute Finish Finishing Mousse Foundation is water free, air whipped providing flawless coverage. It is good for almost all skin types except for very oily skin and those that have a sensitivity to salicylic acid. Its very light and coverage can be sheer to complete. Stays on all day. Its a water free air whipped. Contains Emu Oil and essential fatty acids for non greasy moisturizing. Antioxidants vitamin A, C, & E to defend against free radical damage. It has UVA and UVB protection, and it is Dermatologist tested.

Wouldn't life be grand if one product worked for all of us. However, that's notrepparttar 150969 case so although I try and review products I cannot tell you how they will work on your skin. Most reputable cosmetic companies will refund or exchange a product if you are unhappy with it. When you find a product that works for you stay with it.

Remember your fashion statement includesrepparttar 150970 whole you from your hair torepparttar 150971 polish on your toes, from your hat to your shoes, from your earrings torepparttar 150972 rings on your fingers. So be sure to letrepparttar 150973 world know who you are and Make Your Fashion Statement!

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