Forty Something

Written by Jackie Rouse

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I did mention earlier a beau and 2 grown daughters. Well, yes, I am also a statistic. A single/divorced, Black mother who raised 2 beautiful daughters, and who byrepparttar way, both have college degrees - thank you very much. And I must add their dad was always there for all of us. We just got married way too young, at nineteen, it all worked out fine though. I thankrepparttar 140912 “All Mighty” for that regularly, amongst other things. Because I was married at 19, first baby at 20 and last baby at 22, it gets a little complicated when I try to convince my daughters, 22 and 24 to wait, especially when they both have willing beaus (I like that word, it sounds so romantic.) That was another time and this is a different world. I can wait for my grandbabies, I tell them. Well, enough reminiscing, back torepparttar 140913 issue at hand.

While experiencing forty something I have noticed the, oh so subtle formation of jowls, dimples above my knees andrepparttar 140914 heart breaking loss of my 20/20 vision, which recently prompted me to see an eye doctor. Several return visits for testing have now rendered me a possible glaucoma victim. This is getting depressing, so before I change my mind, let me reiterate.

Yes, life is good, even at forty something, forty-four to be exact.

I am a new writer and I enjoy writing, somewhat humorously about many issues, most often women's issues. I think we need to take ourselves less seriously sometimes and embrace who we are and where we are now.

Effective Make-up and Beauty Tips: Do's and Dont's, Avoid These Most Common Mistakes!

Written by Jasdeep Singh

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* First apply moisturizer and after about 20 minutes, start putting on your make-up.

* Findrepparttar formula that meets your skin's needs and your lifestyle. Though, it isn't that hard also to get it right. Generally, we apply make-up in a hurry and we tend to ignore this vital part.

* Women generally don't wash their brushes as they are always busy applying their makeup.(Hey, Nothing against women :-), relax!). Brushes should be washed properly and allowed to be dried naturally.

* Special care should be taken, while applying and even after applying lipstick. Don't stain your teeth with lipstick. It really looks gross!

* Never use your mascara more than twice. It will definitely look clogged.

* Last but notrepparttar 140873 least, don't forget to take off allrepparttar 140874 make-up from your face once you go to bed specially from and near your eyes.

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