Formatting Your Ezine and Email Messages with TextPad

Written by Pamela Heywood

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If, for instance, you have pasted in some text that was previously formatted at more than your set number of characters, it will then instantly show uprepparttar "funny" breaks, which you can manually correct, or it will automatically formatrepparttar 124385 new text you type.

2. Also, and this may seem obvious, but you MUST saverepparttar 124386 document in TextPad first to *fix* inrepparttar 124387 breaks, before you copy and pasterepparttar 124388 text to either your email program or your online message posting box for your ezine distribution.

Saving adds necessary, but invisible to you, code forrepparttar 124389 hard line breaks. If you do not save your work first, it will look right to you in TextPad, but will not be right when it is sent by email.

Happy Formatting!

Ezine Assistant is a program you can use as an alternative, if you really cant get along with TextPad. That also has facilities for settingrepparttar 124390 line breaks. You can grab a copy from: http:/

There is also an online formatting facility: FormatIt:

For a great online tutorial on formatting, which also has screenshots on how to use TextPad:

Pamela Heywood publishes TuCats Mewsletter (online business) and Ezine Advertising Classifieds Zine (free ads). She is one of the successful publishers featured in "50 E-zine Publishers Interviewed"

Eight Steps to Increase Your Newsletter Advertising Revenue

Written by Howard Minsky

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If Advertisement is run for multiple months or issues, emailrepparttar advertiser weekly asking their feedback. Telephone your advertiser once per month. Also, you should always emailrepparttar 124384 advertiser to inform them of an approaching renewal time and attempt to renew their run. If there is no answer, call two or three days later and try to sell over phone.

5. URL Tracking - Have advertisers create a tracking URL to verify advertising was included and allowing analysis ofrepparttar 124385 gains achieved from ad placement.

6. Credit Cards - Allow advertisers to purchase ad space with credit cards. It is inexpensive and presents a very professional organization. Better yet, it is easier to re-sell asrepparttar 124386 advertiser only needs to say YES. The easier you make it to buyrepparttar 124387 more sales you'll make.

7. Partnerships - Increaserepparttar 124388 size of your advertising offerings by partnering advertising sales with similar newsletters and Ezines. Partnering allows you and partners to collectively sell advertising space. The larger subscriber base will attract larger advertising buyers. Provide a 15% commission torepparttar 124389 selling party, which could be you or your partner(s). This works well for newsletters with under 10,000 subscribers.

8. Ad Networks - List your ad offerings with one or more Ad Networks. Gain a professional sales force with extensive resources to sell your space. Realize, you will earn less per subscriber, but you will most likely sell-out your advertising space. This also allows you to concentrate on marketing and content which is usuallyrepparttar 124390 main interest. Also, many Ad Networks do not require exclusives, so you can continue to sell your own space with an assurance that advertising sales will occur for every issue.

Follow these eight easy steps and you'll quickly see an increase in advertising revenue. Good Luck!

Howard Minsky Co-Founder List your Internet Advertising information on Have tens of thousands of media buyers, site owners, advertisers and marketers learn about your advertising offerings. It is always FREE and very easy to do. 5868 North Plum Bay Pkwy, Tamarac, FL 33321 USA T: 954-722-0454 F: 954-532-2355

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