Formatting Your Ezine

Written by windsong

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When creating your ezine, always use a text editor such as notepad. Do not use Word to compose your ezine. You will have more problems than you want to deal with. It will lose all formatting when you paste it intorepparttar email composition window.

So to summarize... follow these simple rules:

1. Always use a fixed or monospaced font.

2. Do not userepparttar 124328 tab key to align lines of text.

3. Always insert a hard break atrepparttar 124329 end of each line.

4. Keep your line lengths to a maximum of 65 characters.

5. Always use a simple text editor.

If you follow these rulesrepparttar 124330 majority of your subscribers will receive your ezine formatted as you intended it.

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How Great Newsletters Adapt To Perfectly Match Their Readers

Written by Michael Green

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WHAT TO DO WITH THE INFORMATION YOU GATHER That’s easy. Collaterepparttar feedback and establish trends inrepparttar 124327 requests you receive. You might find, for example, that a batch of readers would like to see more "How-To’s" on your subject. Maybe others crave for readers letters and answers, whilst other readers might want to see more longer (or shorter) articles. You getrepparttar 124328 drift though. Find out what it is they’d like to see.

What next?

Give it to them. And give it to them in spades...

Start thinking about your readers’ feedback as if that’s their way of going out to vote! They’ve indicated a preference, a particular like or dislike about your newsletter. Now, just like any politician, your job is to reflect that right back to them and give themrepparttar 124329 information they crave.

SHAPE YOUR NEWSLETTER AROUND THE FEEDBACK Very few editors takerepparttar 124330 time to really understand what their readership would like to see covered. Fewer still actually do anything constructive withrepparttar 124331 results.

But if you takerepparttar 124332 time to do both of these things, you are guaranteed to experience a couple of *great* results:

(1). Your existing subscribers will become increasingly loyal, as they derive pleasure fromrepparttar 124333 fact that your newsletter covers what they really want to know about.

(2). New subscribers will flock to your publication. Why? Well just think of your possible subscriber base as being like a huge lake of fish. They’re all swimming around looking for information (and newsletters) that perfectly cover their interests and presentsrepparttar 124334 information in a format that they would like to receive.

Your newsletter isrepparttar 124335 bait. If you shape it perfectly aroundrepparttar 124336 desires and needs of your existing readership,repparttar 124337 chances are your publication will also fit your potential subscribers. Followrepparttar 124338 above advice and you will have adjusted your bait to perfectly attract an ever-growing newsletter subscriber base.

Good luck, Michael Green

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