Forget the ad networks, AdSense just makes sense.

Written by Mike Ramirez

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Don't get me wrong, AdSense is not perfect. There are some things that could definitely be done to improverepparttar system. One ofrepparttar 131798 biggest gripes I have, and I've noticed others withrepparttar 131799 same opinion, isrepparttar 131800 overall lack of tracking. It sure would be great to know which ads are being clicked and how much those ads are producing. But atrepparttar 131801 same time, I can understand why that information may be counter-productive for Google. The lack of control overrepparttar 131802 border color and link color is a bit undesirable too. All other factors aside,repparttar 131803 purpose ofrepparttar 131804 ads is to make some extra money. On this point, Google's AdSense are definitely successful and in my humble opinion should immediately replace any current 468x60 or skyscraper ads you are running via ad networks or affiliate programs.

The future for affiliate programs and ad networks has become very bleak. It's going to be very interesting to see how AdSense matures, asrepparttar 131805 initial product is already undeniably far better than said competition.

Mike Ramirez is a freelance web developer and is best known in the web community as Mr CGI Guy. Mike is the sole developer of several free CGI scripts as well as the popular commercial link management script Hot Links Pro. Visit

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Written by Mark

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