Forget The "Sandwich" Technique

Written by Alan Fairweather

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When you speak torepparttar person use "I" messages. Say things like "I likedrepparttar 119473 way you did that" or "I think there is another way to do that." Avoid "You" messages such as "You're doing great." That can come across as patronising or insincere. "You're doing that all wrong" may cause conflict, lower morale and may not sortrepparttar 119474 problem.

When your giving feedback, focus on one or two things. You'll only confuserepparttar 119475 person if you run off a whole list of attributes or misdemeanours. Be specific about job behaviour, focus on whatrepparttar 119476 person did or didn't do, don't make a personal attack. Allow time forrepparttar 119477 message to sink in and allowrepparttar 119478 person to respond. You can then seek agreement as to what will happen inrepparttar 119479 future. Ifrepparttar 119480 person does not agree to take corrective action then you need to move to another level. When they do agree to take corrective action then make sure that you monitor it and give encouraging feedback.

Being direct with your people is better for you, better for them and better for you business, so save your "sandwiches" for lunchtime.

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Developing your management style

Written by Anthony Harrison

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When you have been managed inrepparttar past there may well have been occasions when you were not managed effectively. This may have led to a drop in self confidence or reduced motivation to complete certain tasks.

In extreme cases this can lead to requests for a transfer or even resignation.The cost of managing with an ineffective style can be high from a personal as well as a company point of view.

So,repparttar 119472 next time you organise your diary appointments, make sure there is a window in there which says

"Thinking time - what can I do better"

Anthony Harrison is a salesman. He is Head of Sales for the UK division of a US investment bank. He also lectures on sales development and management theory. To find out more visit him at

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