Forget Exercise - Go Play

Written by Don Stuart

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Set a schedule for each activity one day each week. Pre-arrange with a partner to play every day, make each one a weekly event. You will need anything from one to seven partners to keep active all week.

Go to your Parks Department, see if they would be interested in starting a playday program for different age groups, or however they might want to do something for their public. Many already have activities forrepparttar kids - how aboutrepparttar 146094 adults.

Go torepparttar 146095 local newspaper. Would their Sports Editor be interested in gettingrepparttar 146096 public involved?

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Just Say No to Carb Phobia

Written by Dave Soucy

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What do I mean by overly processed and refined carbs? Think about white bread, donuts, muffins, pastries, white rice, candy, sugary breakfast cereals, white pasta, potato chips, crackers, soda. Foods like these digest very quickly and give your body a rapid spike in blood sugar, which, when fat loss isrepparttar goal, is something we want to avoid. After your body takesrepparttar 145980 blood sugar it needs to replenish muscle glycogen, whatever is left over from that spike will get stored as fat.

What makes supportive, quality carbs different? They digest more slowly, producing a more gradual rise in blood sugar and providing a more even source of fuel. Look for breads and cereals made from whole grains, pasta made from whole wheat flour, brown rice instead of white rice, sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes, fruits in moderation and vegetables in abundance. Whole grain carbs will keep you feeling satisfied longer, and not looking to devour a bag of chips within an hour of eating your plain bagel.

So,repparttar 145981 lesson is to not get taken over by carb phobia and fill your shopping cart up with all ofrepparttar 145982 new low carb products. Just like inrepparttar 145983 early 80ís whenrepparttar 145984 food manufacturers were frantically trying to come up with low fat versions of every product underrepparttar 145985 sun, they are doingrepparttar 145986 same now in order to sell more products, not because they are concerned with your health. Back then, consumers were tanking up on SnackWell cookies. They are low fat, so they must be okay right? Well, sincerepparttar 145987 low fat boom ofrepparttar 145988 80ís,repparttar 145989 obesity rate in this country has skyrocketed. That is not becauserepparttar 145990 true culprit is now carbs. No,repparttar 145991 reason is because junk food, whether low fat, low carb, or low whatever, is still junk food.

Dave Soucy, Fitness Consultant and Certified Personal Trainer, is the owner of Perfect Fit, LLC.

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